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About 5,118 photos within 10km of NY751081
Within 0.01 km
NY7508 : Waitby by Alexander P Kapp
Within 0.1 km
NY7508 : Road junction at Waitby by Greg Fitchett
NY7508 : Direction Sign â Signpost by Roger Templeman
Within 0.3 km
NY7508 : Ruin by Alexander P Kapp
NY7508 : Cattle and Sheep by roger geach
NY7507 : View from the railway by Graham Hogg
Within 0.6 km
NY7507 : Pasture field, west side, Waitby Intake by Christine Johnstone
NY7508 : Red Admiral on Ivy by Dave Dunford
NY7407 : Waitby School by Dave Dunford
NY7507 : Lane between Waitby and its common by Christine Johnstone
NY7407 : View from Bridge 188 of Settle-Carlisle Railway in cutting near Waitby by Roger Templeman
NY7507 : The Tornado by James Johnstone
NY7507 : Benchmark on railway bridge near Waitby by Roger Templeman
NY7507 : Passenger train heads for Carlisle over Bridge SAC/186 by Roger Templeman
NY7507 : Scar left on wall of railway bridge SAC/186 by removal of benchmark by Roger Templeman
NY7507 : Road south of Waitby by David Smith
NY7407 : The Tree On The Hill by James Johnstone
NY7408 : Footpath by Alexander P Kapp
NY7408 : Railway Bridge (remains) by Alexander P Kapp
NY7508 : Settlement, Castle Hill by Dave Dunford
NY7507 : Intake Gill by David Martin
NY7507 : Field boundaries, Waitby Intake by Christine Johnstone
NY7407 : A Coal train heads south nr Smardale on a hot July afternoon. by roger geach
NY7407 : Sheep and lambs on the north side of School Lane by Christine Johnstone
Within 1.0 km
NY7507 : Railway Bridge No 186 on the Settle to Carlisle Railway by Alexander P Kapp
NY7507 : Hillside grazing, Waitby Intake by JThomas
NY7508 : Abutments of former railway bridge by Stephen Craven
NY7408 : Fallen tree by Stephen Craven
NY7507 : Bridge carrying the Settle To Carlisle Railway by John Allan
NY7508 : Steps up from Waitby Greenriggs nature reserve by Stephen Craven
NY7408 : Looking north from the old railway line by Stephen Craven
NY7508 : Railway path near Waitby by Stephen Craven
NY7507 : A curious small field south of Waitby by David Smith
NY7507 : Farmland View Near Kirby Stephen by Mary and Angus Hogg
NY7508 : Bridge over dismantled railway, Waitby Greenriggs by Stephen Craven
NY7508 : Waitby Greenriggs Nature Reserve by Dave Dunford
NY7507 : Settlements, south side, Waitby Intake by Christine Johnstone
NY7508 : Waitby Greenriggs Nature Reserve by Andrew Curtis
NY7508 : Fly Orchid (Ophrys insectifera) by Greg Fitchett
NY7407 : Spot the Aircraft by roger geach
NY7507 : Sheep-grazing land by Bill Boaden
NY7507 : Tree where walls and footpaths meet, Waitby Intake by Christine Johnstone
NY7507 : Cows and sheep grazing by Bill Boaden
NY7508 : Globe Flowers, Waitby Greenriggs NR by Geoff White
NY7407 : Trees lining a minor road by Christine Johnstone
NY7407 : Waitby Common by Don Burgess
NY7508 : Old railway route near to Waitby by Trevor Littlewood
NY7407 : Paddock between Smardale Intake and Little Whitber by Christine Johnstone
NY7507 : Highmore Hill and the coast to coast path by David Brown
NY7508 : Saw-wort (Serratula tinctoria), Waitby Greenriggs Nature Reserve by Andrew Curtis

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