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About 5,389 photos within 10km of NY7697314445
Within 0.01 km
NY7614 : Langrigg Cottage on west side of road by Roger Templeman
Within 0.1 km
NY7614 : Benchmark on Langrigg Cottage, a former school by Roger Templeman
NY7614 : School House by Trevor Littlewood
NY7614 : Old School by mauldy
Within 0.3 km
NY7614 : Barn at Langrigg by John H Darch
NY7714 : Wet pasture near Langrigg by Greg Fitchett
NY7614 : Field gateway from east side of rural road at Langrigg by Roger Templeman
Within 0.6 km
NY7714 : Remains of a field boundary running up Thorny Hill by Christine Johnstone
NY7714 : The road from Great Musgrave to Langrigg and the A66 by Christine Johnstone
NY7714 : Muck heap at the foot of Thorny Hill by Christine Johnstone
NY7714 : Farm track running east below Thorny Hill by Christine Johnstone
NY7614 : Lowgill Beck by Bob Jenkins
NY7613 : Horse in field with daisies and clover north of Great Musgrave by Luke Shaw
NY7614 : Eastern parapet of bridge taking rural road over Lowgill Beck by Roger Templeman
NY7614 : Benchmark on east parapet of bridge over Lowgill Beck by Roger Templeman
NY7614 : Lowgill Beck west from road bridge SW of Thunderstones by Luke Shaw
NY7615 : Broom Rigg by Bob Jenkins
Within 1.0 km
NY7714 : Pool on marginal farmland by Trevor Littlewood
NY7715 : Broomrigg End by Bob Jenkins
NY7714 : Thorny Hill by David Brown
NY7614 : Fields near Great Musgrave by David Brown
NY7615 : Fields near Flitholme by David Brown
NY7715 : Turning to Great Musgrave off the A66 by Andrew Abbott
NY7715 : Sign, Flitholme Lane by Mick Garratt
NY7714 : Lowgill Farm by John H Darch
NY7715 : South parapet of Flitholme Bridge beside A66 by Roger Templeman
NY7613 : Benchmark on #1 Fell View by Roger Templeman
NY7613 : Dismantled railway by David Brown
NY7615 : A66 and north verge at site of Appleby 6, Brough 2 milestone by Roger Templeman
NY7715 : Site of Broomrigg Cottage on south side of A66 north of Langrigg by Roger Templeman
NY7615 : Old Boundary Marker by the A66 lay-by, Warcop parish by Milestone Society
NY7613 : Fell View cottages on south side of road by Roger Templeman
NY7715 : A66, Flitholme Bridge by N Chadwick
NY7613 : Farmland with barn, near Great Musgrave by Christine Johnstone
NY7613 : Great Musgrave Village by mauldy
NY7615 : Looking into military firing range woodland on north side of A66 by Luke Shaw
NY7613 : Great Musgrave Village Hall by John H Darch
NY7615 : Turning for Flitholme on the A66 by Andrew Abbott
NY7615 : Broom Rigg Boundary Stone by David Rogers
NY7615 : A66 near Warcop by Steven Brown
NY7613 : Old circular AA Sign on Musgrave Lane, Great Musgrave by Milestone Society
NY7613 : Row of houses on south side of village road by Roger Templeman
NY7613 : Buildings at Villa Farm by Roger Templeman
NY7715 : A66 near Broomrigg End by David Brown
NY7614 : Gated farm track off the B6259, Hayber Hill by JThomas
NY7613 : Course of disused railway near Great Musgrave by JThomas
NY7614 : Entrance into a field, south-east of Hayber Hill by Christine Johnstone
NY7614 : Dead moles on a fence alongside the B6295 by Christine Johnstone
NY7614 : The road from Warcop to Kirkby Stephen by Christine Johnstone
NY7613 : Stainmore Line heading north to Warcop by Christine Johnstone

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About 5,389 photos within 10km. Explore these images more: in the Browser (On Map) or in the standard search.
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About 5,389 photos within 10km. Explore these images more: in the Browser (On Map) or in the standard search.