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About 5,479 photos within 10km of NY7842310562
Within 0.1 km
NY7810 : Winton by Stephen McKay
NY7810 : Cottages, Winton by JThomas
NY7810 : Benchmark on SE corner of Manor House by Roger Templeman
NY7810 : Manor House at cross roads by Roger Templeman
NY7810 : Timeless monument by William Metcalfe
NY7810 : Bay Horse Inn, Winton by Stephen McKay
NY7810 : Road sign goal post by William Metcalfe
NY7810 : Millennium monument by William Metcalfe
NY7810 : The Bay Horse public house, Winton by JThomas
NY7810 : Winton United Church Baptist Methodist, Winton by Alexander P Kapp
Within 0.3 km
NY7810 : Winton United Church by William Metcalfe
NY7810 : Winton stile by William Metcalfe
NY7810 : Farming at Winton by William Metcalfe
NY7810 : Mill Beck on west side of northward road into Winton by Roger Templeman
NY7810 : Mill Stream approaching Winton Mill by Luke Shaw
NY7810 : Old Boundary Marker by Mill Beck, Winton by M Rayner
NY7810 : South face of Winton/Hartley boundary stone by Roger Templeman
NY7810 : Winton/Hartley boundary stone with benchmark on top by Roger Templeman
NY7810 : North face of Winton/Hartley boundary stone by Roger Templeman
NY7810 : Farm Supplies at Winton by Anthony Parkes
NY7810 : National Cycle Route 70 into Winton by JThomas
NY7810 : Winton village west end by David Brown
Within 0.6 km
NY7710 : A685 near Backwadem Bridge by Colin Pyle
NY7811 : Corner of field on NW side of A685 west of Kaber by Luke Shaw
NY7811 : Gate by Alexander P Kapp
Within 1.0 km
NY7811 : Fence dividing fields NW of A685 near Winton by Roger Templeman
NY7910 : Benchmark on stone in wall on SE side of rural road east of Winton by Roger Templeman
NY7710 : Fields near Backwadem Bridge by Anthony Parkes
NY7910 : Dry stone wall and field gateway on SE side of road towards Rookby by Roger Templeman
NY7811 : A685 nearing Kaber Cross by Colin Pyle
NY7910 : Sheep grazing near Gillcumber Head by JThomas
NY7910 : National Cycle Route 70 by JThomas
NY7710 : Gated Field outside Kirkby Stephen by Anthony Parkes
NY7910 : Winton to Rookby road by peter goddard
NY7809 : Whingill by Karl and Ali
NY7911 : Field gateway on NW side of A685 opposite Kaber Cross by Roger Templeman
Within 2 km
NY7709 : Sheep in field on NW side of Kirkland Lane by Luke Shaw
NY7710 : River Eden from Eastfield Bridge by David Brown
NY7909 : Sheep pastures near Whingill by Gordon Hatton
NY7910 : Field gateway on NW side of Gillcumber Brow by Roger Templeman
NY7910 : Field on NW side of Gillcumber Brow by Luke Shaw
NY7909 : Old railway bridge by Karl and Ali
NY7710 : Grazing towards sewage works by JThomas
NY7710 : The River Eden north of Kirkby Stephen by JThomas
NY7710 : Parapet of Eastfield Bridge and the River Eden by Bikeboy
NY7910 : Ruined Farm by Bob Jenkins
NY7710 : Appleby Road (B6259), Eastfield Bridge by JThomas
NY7910 : Ruined farm by peter goddard
NY7909 : Dismantled railway near Whingill by David Brown
NY7710 : Eastfield  Bridge by Alexander P Kapp

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