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About 6,396 photos within 10km of NY817334
Within 0.1 km
NY8133 : Ruined Chapel by Harwood Beck by Paul Buckingham
NY8133 : Ruined chapel by Helen Wilkinson
NY8133 : Old chapel at Harwood by Oliver Dixon
NY8133 : Interior View of Ruined Chapel at Harwood Beck by Paul Buckingham
Within 0.3 km
NY8133 : White cottages, Harwood by Andrew Smith
NY8133 : Footbridge over Harwood Beck by Paul Buckingham
NY8133 : Harwood Beck & church ruin by Gordon Hatton
NY8133 : Across Harwood Beck by Gordon Hatton
NY8133 : Footbridge over Harwood Beck by Oliver Dixon
NY8133 : Footbridge over Harwood Beck by Philip Barker
NY8133 : Footbridge over Harwood Beck by Gordon Hatton
NY8133 : Sheep pastures at Herdship by Gordon Hatton
NY8133 : Ashgill Beck by Tom Freeman
Within 0.6 km
NY8233 : Farm at Stoney Hill by Trevor Littlewood
NY8133 : Waters Meeting Farm, Herdship by Oliver Dixon
NY8133 : Herdship by Peter McDermott
NY8133 : Herdship Farm by Paul Buckingham
NY8133 : Herdship by Trevor Littlewood
NY8133 : Herdship Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY8233 : Force Foot - view NE by Philip Barker
NY8233 : Trough Sike flows past Force Foot farm by Russel Wills
NY8233 : Force Foot by Helen Wilkinson
NY8233 : Force Foot by Peter McDermott
NY8132 : Touting Hill Sike by Oliver Dixon
Within 1.0 km
NY8132 : High Stoney Comb by Helen Wilkinson
NY8232 : Waterlogged field at Harwood by Helen Wilkinson
NY8132 : High Stoney Comb by Oliver Dixon
NY8133 : Approaching Herdship by Gordon Hatton
NY8134 : Bridleway in upper Teesdale by Oliver Dixon
NY8132 : High Stoney Comb by Andrew Smith
NY8233 : Harwood. by Richard Webb
NY8233 : Barns at Harwood by Trevor Littlewood
NY8233 : Abandoned cottage at Hilltop and mast by Peter Moore
NY8233 : Lingy Hill by Peter McDermott
NY8234 : Old Milestone by the B6277, Rough Rigg by C Minto & IA Davison
NY8233 : Hill Top by Oliver Dixon
NY8234 : Derelict building near Rough Rigg by Oliver Dixon
NY8134 : House at Rough Rigg by Anthony Parkes
NY8233 : In Upper Teesdale below Grasshill Common by Ben Brooksbank
NY8033 : Harwood by Andrew Smith
NY8234 : Trough Sike by Andrew Smith
NY8033 : Hill End by Helen Wilkinson
NY8033 : Hill End by Peter McDermott
NY8033 : Hill End by Trevor Littlewood
NY8033 : Hill End by Gordon Hatton
NY8033 : Hill End by Oliver Dixon
NY8033 : New uses for an old farm house by Oliver Dixon
Within 2 km
NY8132 : Sheep at wall angle by Trevor Littlewood
NY8233 : Peases Cottage alongside the B6277 by Ian S
NY8233 : Peases Cottage by Anthony Parkes

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