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About 4,676 photos within 10km of NY898852
Within 0.1 km
NY8985 : Track to Low Chesterhope  by Russel Wills
Within 0.3 km
NY8985 : Sheep Creep, pity about the plastic rubbish! by Russel Wills
NY8985 : Gateway to High Chesterhope by Russel Wills
NY8985 : Low Chesterhope Farm by Les Hull
NY8985 : Footbridge over Chesterhope Burn by Pete Saunders
Within 0.6 km
NY9085 : Chesterhope Burn by Russel Wills
NY9085 : Robin of Risingham by Pete Saunders
NY9085 : Stony slopes off the A68 by Christine Johnstone
NY9085 : Bridge over the Chesterhope Burn by Russel Wills
Within 1.0 km
NY9085 : The A68 near Parkhead by Christine Johnstone
NY9085 : Footpath to Parkside by Christine Johnstone
NY9085 : Field gate by Christine Johnstone
NY9085 : Woodburn Quarries by Christine Johnstone
NY8984 : The road to Chesterhope by Russel Wills
NY9085 : Pasture at Parkhead by Walter Baxter
NY9085 : Broomhill by Peter McDermott
NY8986 : Woodburn Station by Les Hull
NY9085 : Hawthorn near Summer Crag by Pete Saunders
NY9085 : Landfill Site by peter maddison
NY8986 : The War Memorial at West Woodburn on the A68 by Ian S
NY8986 : War memorial for the parish of Corsenside by Trevor Littlewood
NY8986 : The A68 at West Woodburn by Ian S
NY9085 : Cattle Pasture near the A68 by Anthony Parkes
NY9085 : A68 near Summer Crag by Colin Pyle
NY9086 : Derelict building near Parkside by Pete Saunders
NY9085 : Larsen trap  by Russel Wills
Within 2 km
NY9085 : Pasture bordering the A68 by Russel Wills
NY8984 : Cattle grid on the Ridsdale to Broomhope road by Pete Saunders
NY9085 : Looking NNW from The Broom by Nick Scott
NY9084 : How many signs does it take? by Pete Saunders
NY8984 : Disused quarry near Broomhope by Pete Saunders
NY9084 : Ridsdale by Dennis Lovett
NY8986 : Dry stone wall by Russel Wills
NY8986 : Broadgate by Peter McDermott
NY8986 : Descent on the A68 to West Woodburn Bridge by Stanley Howe
NY9084 : Foundry Yard, Ridsdale by Pete Saunders
NY9085 : Entering Ridsdale from the North along the A68 by G Laird
NY8885 : Cragg Quarry by Pete Saunders
NY8885 : Cragg Quarry (disused) by Pete Saunders
NY9084 : Armstrong Street, Ridsdale by Russel Wills
NY8885 : View across the valley of the River Rede by Russel Wills
NY9185 : Sarelaw Cottage on the A68 near Ridsdale by Ian S
NY9084 : Engine house by peter maddison
NY9084 : Engine house, Ridsdale Ironworks by Andrew Curtis
NY9084 : Engine house, Ridsdale Ironworks by Andrew Curtis
NY9084 : Former engine house for the Ridsdale Iron Works by Anthony Parkes
NY9084 : Ridsdale iron works furnace house from A68 by Jo Turner
NY9084 : Engine house, Ridsdale Ironworks by Andrew Curtis
NY9084 : Engine house, Ridsdale Ironworks by Andrew Curtis
NY9084 : Engine house, Ridsdale Ironworks by Andrew Curtis

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