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About 3,160 photos within 10km of NY9047112284
Within 0.01 km
NY9012 : Old Wayside Cross - moved by Milestone Society
Within 0.1 km
NY9012 : The stump of the ancient Rey Cross by Andrew Barclay
NY9012 : Lay by at Rey Cross by John Firth
Within 0.3 km
NY9012 : Cow Pasture - south of the A66 by Anthony Parkes
NY9012 : Moorland south of the A66 by N Chadwick
NY9012 : Featureless area north of A66 by David Brown
Within 0.6 km
NY9011 : Bridging the Gap by Matthew Hatton
NY9012 : A66 near Rey Cross by David Brown
NY9012 : Westbound A66 by Andy Beecroft
NY9012 : Moorland south of the A66 by N Chadwick
NY9011 : Stainmore Railway route approaching its summit from the east by Trevor Littlewood
NY9011 : River Greta passes under the old railway line by Matthew Hatton
NY9112 : A66 passing Old Spital by John Firth
NY9112 : Buildings and trees at Old Spital by Trevor Littlewood
NY9112 : Old Spital by N Chadwick
Within 1.0 km
NY8911 : Old Trackbed of the former NER Darlington to Tebay Line by Matthew Hatton
NY9112 : Old Spital by Anthony Parkes
NY9112 : Old Spital by Andy Farrington
NY9112 : Old Spital, once a mail coaching Inn by Carol Rose
NY8911 : A Good Section of the Old Railway by Matthew Hatton
NY9112 : A66 east at Spital Hill by John Firth
NY9111 : Looking across Bowes Moor to the A66 by David Brown
NY8912 : Yardstone Beck Valley by N Chadwick
NY9012 : Estate road north of A66 by Trevor Littlewood
NY8912 : White Brow by Jonathan Thacker
NY8912 : Old County Boundary Marker by Matthew Hatton
NY9111 : Lineside building on Stainmore Railway route by Trevor Littlewood
NY8912 : The Source of the River Greta by Matthew Hatton
NY8912 : Crossing the border by John Firth
NY8912 : Old Boundary Marker by the A66, near Rowton Bridge, Stainmore parish by Milestone Society
NY9013 : Sheds and sheepfold at North Ings by Trevor Littlewood
NY8912 : Layby on the border by N Chadwick
NY8912 : Cumberland County Boundary by Stanley Howe
NY8912 : Layby at the County Boundary by Anthony Parkes
NY8912 : On the border by Jonathan Thacker
NY8912 : Rubbish Catcher in Rowtonbridge Sike by Matthew Hatton
NY8912 : A66 at Stainmore by Bob Jenkins
NY8912 : Dry stone wall on Stainmore in snow by Ian Dalgliesh
NY8912 : Old Boundary Marker by the A66 lay-by, east of Rowton Bridge, Stainmore parish by Milestone Society
NY9112 : The A66/roman Road from Old Spital by Carol Rose
NY8912 : County of Durham boundary (1970) by Stanley Howe
NY9111 : Ay Gill Bridge & Sandstone Quarry by Matthew Hatton
NY8912 : The county border on the A66 at Stainmore by Elliott Simpson
NY9111 : Disused railway by Paul Gregory
NY8912 : Running into County Durham on A66 by John Firth
Within 2 km
NY9112 : A66/ Roman road looking towards Old Spital by Carol Rose
NY9013 : North Ings Sike by David Brown
NY8912 : Marker for former township by Ian Dalgliesh
NY9013 : North Ings Sike by Andrew Smith
NY9011 : Ay Gill by David Brown

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