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About 9,986 photos within 10km of NZ0550364142
Within 0.3 km
NZ0564 : Farmland north of Bearl by Mike Quinn
Within 0.6 km
NZ0564 : Benlow Hill by Mike Quinn
NZ0563 : The western end of a very narrow lane by Oliver Dixon
NZ0563 : Lane near Ovington by Oliver Dixon
NZ0564 : A69 near North Acomb by P Glenwright
NZ0563 : Plantation and Footpath Sign by Les Hull
NZ0564 : Farmland west of Overdene by Mike Quinn
NZ0564 : Farmland and copse north of Bearl by Mike Quinn
NZ0563 : Lane towards Ovington by JThomas
NZ0563 : Farm track west of Ovington by JThomas
NZ0563 : Farmland towards Short Wood by JThomas
NZ0664 : Halls of Heddon Garden Centre by P Glenwright
Within 1.0 km
NZ0563 : Autumn mist in Tyne Valley from Bearl by jenny loring
NZ0664 : Road heading north from Ovington by P Glenwright
NZ0464 : Pigs at North Acomb Farm by Oliver Dixon
NZ0564 : Bywell : A69 by Lewis Clarke
NZ0464 : Violet bales by Oliver Dixon
NZ0563 : Acomb Cottages by Les Hull
NZ0464 : North Acomb Farm Shop by P Glenwright
NZ0564 : Farmland and woodland northwest of Bearl by Mike Quinn
NZ0564 : A special concession for cyclists and pedestrians by Oliver Dixon
NZ0564 : Bywell : A69 by Lewis Clarke
NZ0564 : A special concession for cyclists and pedestrians by Oliver Dixon
NZ0664 : Twisty road near Overdene by JThomas
NZ0564 : South Lodge Mowden Hall by P Glenwright
NZ0464 : A69 westbound by Helen Wilkinson
NZ0664 : Farmland north of Ovington by JThomas
NZ0564 : Farmland near Ovington by Stephen Richards
NZ0564 : Farmland and hedgerow near Overdene by JThomas
NZ0663 : Entering Ovington by JThomas
NZ0464 : Blue-flowered crop of Scorpion weed (Phacelia tanacetifolia) by Andrew Curtis
NZ0564 : Crop field and hedgerow by JThomas
NZ0464 : Bywell : A69 by Lewis Clarke
NZ0463 : Minor road to Planetreebanks by Oliver Dixon
NZ0464 : Scorpion weed (Phacelia tanacetifolia) by Andrew Curtis
NZ0564 : Bends in the road towards the A69 by JThomas
NZ0663 : Old Brewery Square, Ovington by Andrew Curtis
NZ0565 : Junction with A69 near Ovington by P Glenwright
NZ0463 : Lane above Planetree Banks by Oliver Dixon
NZ0463 : Track near North Acomb Farm by Clive Nicholson
NZ0464 : A69 seen from North Acomb Farm by Oliver Dixon
NZ0565 : Ovington : Road by Lewis Clarke
NZ0565 : Approaching the A69 by JThomas
NZ0565 : Ovington : A69 by Lewis Clarke
NZ0565 : Crop field near the A69 by JThomas
Within 2 km
NZ0663 : Playing field, Ovington by Andrew Curtis
NZ0663 : Playground, Ovington by JThomas
NZ0464 : Mist in Tynedale by Oliver Dixon
NZ0464 : A69 by Tim Fish
NZ0663 : Old School & Band Hall, Ovington by Andrew Curtis

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