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About 5,634 photos within 10km of NZ0853718787
Within 0.1 km
NZ0818 : South Lodge : Streatlam Park by Hugh Mortimer
NZ0818 : South Lodge by JThomas
NZ0818 : The A688 at South Lodge by Anthony Parkes
NZ0818 : A688 towards Staindrop by JThomas
Within 0.3 km
NZ0818 : Farmland off the A688 by JThomas
NZ0818 : Farmland and hedgerow by JThomas
NZ0818 : Old Milestone by the A688, east of Barnard Castle by C Minto
Within 1.0 km
NZ0818 : House by Broomielaw station by Andy Waddington
NZ0818 : Broomielaw Station (remains) by Ben Brooksbank
NZ0818 : Broomielaw Signal Box by Andrew Ritchie
NZ0918 : Barford Raceway : Nr.Barnard Castle by Hugh Mortimer
NZ0918 : Farmland and hedgerow near East Lodge by JThomas
NZ0918 : Track heading south from the A688 by JThomas
NZ0918 : Sharp bend in the A688 by JThomas
Within 2 km
NZ0718 : New housing in Stainton by Andy Waddington
NZ0919 : Wall bridge over Forthburn Beck by Andy Waddington
NZ0819 : Streatlam Park from the North East boundary wall by Roger Smith
NZ0819 : Log with fungi at top of slope by Trevor Littlewood
NZ0819 : Streatlam Park eventing jumps by Andy Waddington
NZ0718 : Heading north east towards Staindrop by JThomas
NZ0718 : Minor road entering Stainton by Trevor Littlewood
NZ0918 : Valley of Newsham Beck by Gordon Hatton
NZ0718 : Garden area with war memorial by Trevor Littlewood
NZ0718 : War memorial at Stainton by Trevor Littlewood
NZ0918 : Fields by the A688 by Anthony Parkes
NZ0718 : Horses in Stainton by Graham Horn
NZ0919 : Woodend farmhouse by Andy Waddington
NZ0718 : Grazing near Stainton by JThomas
NZ0919 : Approaching Woodend Farm by Gordon Hatton
NZ0919 : Woodend Farm by Roger Smith
NZ0719 : North of Stainton Hill Farm by Graham Horn
NZ0718 : Stile into Stainton by Graham Horn
NZ0918 : Old Milestone by the A688, south west of Staindrop by IA Davison
NZ0718 : Stainton Hill Farm by Graham Horn
NZ0718 : Footpath in Stainton by Graham Horn
NZ0817 : Broomielaw to Humbleton path by Andy Waddington
NZ0718 : Stainton Hill Farm by Graham Horn
NZ0718 : Danger sign by Graham Horn
NZ0718 : Stainton Hill Farm by Graham Horn
NZ0718 : Footpath round Stainton Hill Farm by Graham Horn
NZ0918 : Bridleway at High Barford by Gordon Hatton
NZ0719 : Path to Streatlam Grange by Graham Horn
NZ0718 : Hesley Well : Stainton by Hugh Mortimer
NZ1018 : Farm buildings, Ralston House by JThomas
NZ0918 : Occupation bridge under old railway by Andy Waddington
NZ1018 : Farmland near Ralston House by JThomas
NZ1018 : Fields near Dunn House Farm by Anthony Parkes
NZ1018 : A688 towards Staindrop  by JThomas
NZ0717 : WW2 army hut at Stainton Grove by Eileen O'Hara
NZ0820 : High House Farm by Roger Smith

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