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About 4,520 photos within 10km of NZ0861113168
Within 0.1 km
NZ0813 : Greta Bridge by Trevor Littlewood
NZ0813 : Steps up to Greta Bridge by Jonathan Thacker
NZ0813 : Stone stile at Greta Bridge by Jonathan Thacker
NZ0813 : Greta Bridge by Mick Garratt
NZ0813 : South Lodge : Rokeby Park by Hugh Mortimer
Within 0.3 km
NZ0813 : Old entrance to Rokeby Park by David Brown
NZ0813 : River Greta by Peter McDermott
NZ0813 : The River Greta at Greta Bridge by Jonathan Thacker
NZ0813 : The Morritt Arms by Peter McDermott
NZ0813 : Greta Bridge (A66) by Andy Waddington
NZ0813 : Morritt Arms Hotel : Greta Bridge by Hugh Mortimer
NZ0813 : Greta Bridge village by Oliver Dixon
NZ0813 : The Morritt Arms by Tim Glover
NZ0813 : Minor road leading to the A66 by Ian S
NZ0813 : Grass field at Greta Bridge by Jonathan Thacker
NZ0813 : Houses at Greta Bridge, A66 by Ian S
NZ0813 : Turn off the A66 near Greta Bridge by N Chadwick
NZ0812 : Field between Mill Wood and Greta Bridge, Greta by Mick Garratt
Within 0.6 km
NZ0812 : Hell Cauldron, River Greta by Andy Waddington
NZ0812 : Lane east of minor road by Trevor Littlewood
NZ0912 : A66 at Thorpe Grange by Andrew Abbott
NZ0812 : Passing the final island, Tees Greta by Andy Waddington
NZ0813 : The edge of Mortham Wood by John Darch
Within 1.0 km
NZ0813 : Rokeby Grove by Peter McDermott
NZ0813 : A66, Rokeby Park turning by N Chadwick
NZ0812 : The back of Eastwood Hall by Andy Waddington
NZ0912 : Peel House, Thorpe Farm by Lynne Kirton
NZ0812 : Eastwood Hall's garden by Andy Waddington
NZ0912 : Old Milestone by IA Davison
NZ0812 : River Greta east of Brignall by Andy Waddington
NZ0812 : Eastwood Hall by Andy Waddington
NZ0812 : Eastwood Hall by John Darch
NZ0912 : Thorpe Farm near Greta Bridge by SMJ
NZ0913 : Track north of Thorp Farm by Andy Waddington
NZ0912 : Derelict Farm Barn, Thorpe Farm Centre by Paul Buckingham
NZ0913 : Grassland north of Greta Bridge by John Darch
NZ0912 : A66, Thorpe Grange by N Chadwick
NZ0912 : A66  turn  for  Thorpe  and  Thorpe  Farm  Centre by Martin Dawes
NZ0912 : Farm track off the A66 by N Chadwick
NZ0912 : Thorpe Farm by David Rogers
NZ0713 : A66 near Greta Bridge by Andrew Abbott
NZ0914 : Barn at Mortham by John Darch
NZ0814 : Mortham Tower by Dave Bailey
Within 2 km
NZ0713 : Barnard Castle (road) at Rokeby Park by Ian S
NZ0814 : Mortham Tower by John Darch
NZ0814 : Mortham Tower, Rokeby by Paul Buckingham
NZ0713 : The A66, near Greta Bridge by Oliver Dixon
NZ0814 : Rokeby Hall, near Barnard Castle by Oliver Dixon
NZ0712 : River Greta, Nr Brignall by Paul Buckingham
NZ0814 : Roman milestone, Rokeby by MilestoneSociety

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