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About 5,488 photos within 10km of NZ1207218780
Within 0.3 km
NZ1118 : Sheep on Cleatlam Green by Gordon Hatton
NZ1118 : Stone cross on Cleatham village green by peter robinson
NZ1118 : Old Central Cross by The Green, Cleatlam Parish by Milestone Society
NZ1118 : Cross : Cleatlam Village Green by Hugh Mortimer
NZ1218 : Dobbin and friends at Cleatlam by Gordon Hatton
Within 0.6 km
NZ1118 : Residences in Cleatham by peter robinson
NZ1118 : Cleatlam High Farm by Hugh Mortimer
NZ1219 : Footpath towards Staindrop by Gordon Hatton
Within 1.0 km
NZ1119 : Quarry Plantation north west of Cleatham by peter robinson
NZ1219 : Ash tree by the path by Gordon Hatton
NZ1218 : South Cleatlam by Trevor Littlewood
NZ1218 : South Cleatlam, near Staindrop, County Durham by Oliver Dixon
NZ1218 : Ladder stile for footpath to Little Newsham by peter robinson
NZ1218 : Newsham Grange by Andy Waddington
NZ1219 : Country road to the south of Staindrop, County Durham by Oliver Dixon
NZ1218 : Road entering South Cleatham from the south by peter robinson
NZ1217 : Newsham Beck by Andy Waddington
NZ1217 : Footbridge over Newsham Beck by Andy Waddington
NZ1219 : Sudburn Beck by peter robinson
NZ1119 : Dunhouse  Quarry by Hugh Mortimer
NZ1217 : Approach to Neasham-Cleatlam junction. by Stanley Howe
NZ1217 : The Croft, a residence in Little Newsham by peter robinson
NZ1119 : A688 towards Staindrop  by JThomas
Within 2 km
NZ1217 : Cottages at Little Newsham by Gordon Hatton
NZ1217 : Newsham Hall by Stanley Howe
NZ1119 : Entrance for footpath from the A688 by peter robinson
NZ1119 : Large crop field off the A688 by JThomas
NZ1217 : Entrance to Newsham Hall by Stanley Howe
NZ1217 : Little Newsham village near Staindrop, County Durham by Oliver Dixon
NZ1217 : Little Newsham chapel by Stanley Howe
NZ1217 : Chapel : Little  Newsham by Hugh Mortimer
NZ1217 : Church at Little Newsham by David Brown
NZ1217 : Bridleway from the road in Little Newsham by peter robinson
NZ1118 : Sheep grazing near Cleatlam by Andy Waddington
NZ1219 : Cleatham Bridge over Sudburn Beck by peter robinson
NZ1219 : Hedge and fence separating fields by Trevor Littlewood
NZ1117 : Cropped field east of Morey by Gordon Hatton
NZ1219 : Flower meadow seen from Cleatham Bridge by peter robinson
NZ1217 : Little Newsham - west entrance by Stanley Howe
NZ1119 : Neatly clipped hedge to north of Sudburn Beck by Trevor Littlewood
NZ1019 : Oak Lea Farm by Hugh Mortimer
NZ1117 : Abandoned farm at Morey by David Brown
NZ1117 : Morey in ruins by Andy Waddington
NZ1117 : Abandoned farmstead at Morey by Gordon Hatton
NZ1120 : Autumnal tree beside the A688 by JThomas
NZ1120 : Grazing near Woodcroft Farm by JThomas
NZ1019 : A688 towards Staindrop  by JThomas
NZ1119 : Bridleway around cropfield by Gordon Hatton
NZ1317 : Fields and farm building near Newsham by David Brown
NZ1019 : Dunn House Farm by Hugh Mortimer

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