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About 6,165 photos within 10km of NZ131146
Within 0.01 km
NZ1314 : Ovington, the "Maypole Village" near Barnard Castle by Oliver Dixon
Within 0.1 km
NZ1314 : The Four Alls by Peter McDermott
NZ1314 : Four Alls Hotel :  Ovington by Hugh Mortimer
NZ1314 : Ovington and River Tees: aerial 2018 by Chris
Within 0.3 km
NZ1314 : 'The Maypole' by Stanley Howe
NZ1314 : Ovington village green by David Martin
NZ1314 : Ovington green and maypole by Gordon Hatton
NZ1314 : South View in Ovington by peter robinson
NZ1314 : Village Green, Ovington by Stanley Howe
NZ1314 : View across the green at Ovington by David Martin
NZ1314 : Maypole at Ovington by Stanley Howe
NZ1314 : Road on north side of village green by Trevor Littlewood
NZ1214 : Entry into Ovington from the south by Stanley Howe
NZ1214 : Sheep in field west of Ovington by David Martin
Within 0.6 km
NZ1214 : Bottomland trees by Andy Waddington
NZ1214 : River Tees at Ovington by Stanley Howe
NZ1214 : Teesdale Way opposite Ovington by Chris Heaton
NZ1214 : Mud alert! by Gordon Hatton
NZ1214 : Teesdale Way at field edge by Trevor Littlewood
NZ1215 : Tees Valley near Ovington by Chris Heaton
NZ1314 : Big roadkill on the road from Ovington by Andy Waddington
NZ1215 : Osmond Croft beyond bend in farm road by Trevor Littlewood
NZ1314 : Barn at Clifford's Farm by peter robinson
Within 1.0 km
NZ1315 : River Tees near Ovington by Dave Bailey
NZ1215 : Teesdale Way below Osmond Croft by Gordon Hatton
NZ1214 : Stile for footpath to Ovington by peter robinson
NZ1215 : Locals on the Teesdale Way by David Brown
NZ1214 : Farmland above Peg Beck by Christine Johnstone
NZ1214 : The road from Thorpe and Wycliffe crossing Peg Beck by Christine Johnstone
NZ1214 : Peg Beck by Peter McDermott
NZ1315 : Tees Valley, Ovington, near Barnard Castle by Oliver Dixon
NZ1214 : Pipeline crossing Peg Beck, east of Wycliffe by Christine Johnstone
NZ1214 : Small beck near Wycliffe Hall by Gordon Hatton
NZ1215 : Osmond Croft and the Teesdale Way by Chris Heaton
NZ1214 : Farmland at Wycliffe Hall, near Barnard Castle by Oliver Dixon
NZ1215 : Osmand Croft Farm from Teesdale Way by Dave Bailey
NZ1214 : Fish Pond Plantation, from the east by Christine Johnstone
NZ1315 : Teesdale Way by Holme Wood by Gordon Hatton
NZ1214 : Wheat field near Low Barn by David Brown
NZ1315 : Teesdale Way beside Holme Wood by Chris Heaton
NZ1313 : Girlington by Peter McDermott
NZ1414 : Ovington Grange by Peter McDermott
Within 2 km
NZ1215 : Low Barn by Andy Waddington
NZ1214 : Howbury Scar on the River Tees by Uncredited
NZ1214 : Path above the river by Gordon Hatton
NZ1315 : Fewster Gill Farm by Peter McDermott
NZ1214 : Countryside view near Low Barn by Gordon Hatton
NZ1315 : Holiday chalets near Winston by David Brown
NZ1315 : Holiday lodges, Highcliffe Waters by Gordon Hatton
NZ1114 : Teesdale Way East of Graft's Farm by Chris Heaton

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About 6,165 photos within 10km. Explore these images more: in the Browser (On Map) or in the standard search.
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About 6,165 photos within 10km. Explore these images more: in the Browser (On Map) or in the standard search.