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NZ1546 : Northeast corner of the fort by Robert Graham
NZ1546 : Longovicium interpreted by Christine Johnstone
NZ1647 : B6296 descending to Lanchester by Trevor Littlewood
NZ1546 : Layby for the Roman Fort by Robert Graham
NZ1546 : Longovicium Explanation Board by Eirian Evans
NZ1546 : Longovicium by David Collins
NZ1546 : South wall of Longovicium by Trevor Littlewood
NZ1546 : Site of Longovicium Roman Fort by Eirian Evans
NZ1546 : A view the Romans knew by Christine Johnstone
NZ1546 : Longovicium by brian clark
NZ1546 : Lanchester Roman Fort by corinne mills
NZ1647 : Looking down the bank to Lanchester by Robert Graham
NZ1546 : Would the Romans have recognised this crop? by Christine Johnstone
NZ1546 : A gap in the hedge, south of Cadger Bank by Christine Johnstone
NZ1647 : Old Milestone by the B6296, Cadger Bank, west of Lanchester by IA Davison
NZ1547 : Looking south from Newbiggin Lane by Robert Graham
NZ1646 : Field with trees west of B6301 by Trevor Littlewood
NZ1646 : Fields south of Lanchester by Oliver Dixon
NZ1547 : Margery Flatts farm by Robert Graham
NZ1547 : Margery Flats  Lanchester by Malcolm Coils
NZ1647 : Footbridge over Alderdene Burn, Lanchester by peter robinson
NZ1647 : Former Lanchester Railway Station House, now a residence by peter robinson
NZ1647 : Lanchester: former station, 2000 by Ben Brooksbank
NZ1646 : Lanchester by wfmillar
NZ1547 : Looking down Lanchester Valley by Robert Graham
NZ1646 : Horses in a field at Lanchester by Robert Graham
NZ1647 : The mules of Marius by Robert Graham
NZ1547 : Track to Margery Flatts, off Newbiggin Lane by Christine Johnstone
NZ1647 : Lanchester station (abandoned), with Rail Tour train, 1958 by Walter Dendy, deceased
NZ1647 : Where the legions once trod by Oliver Dixon
NZ1647 : Carpark on Newbiggin Lane, Lanchester by Oliver Dixon
NZ1547 : A field full of veg beds, south of Newbiggin Lane by Christine Johnstone
NZ1647 : Carved pole by the Lanchester Valley Railway Path by Oliver Dixon
NZ1547 : One gone, one still standing by Christine Johnstone
NZ1547 : No more wall, just a fence by Christine Johnstone
NZ1547 : Farmland under a darkening sky by Christine Johnstone
NZ1547 : Large tree alongside Newbiggin Lane by Christine Johnstone
NZ1647 : Station Road in Lanchester by Robert Graham
NZ1646 : Open Access Land by Mick Garratt
NZ1547 : Alderdene Burn by Mick Garratt
NZ1647 : Newbiggin Lane Lanchester by Malcolm Coils
NZ1646 : Entrance road to Greenwell Ford by Robert Graham
NZ1647 : The Kings Head, Lanchester by Bill Henderson
NZ1547 : Trees on an old field boundary by Christine Johnstone
NZ1646 : Cattle beside the B6301, Lanchester by Robert Graham
NZ1647 : Lanchester Library by Russel Wills
NZ1646 : Driveway to Greenwell Ford by Oliver Dixon
NZ1547 : Old byer at Branch Villa by Robert Graham
NZ1647 : Houses on Front Street, Lanchester by Robert Graham
NZ1647 : Weeping Porch, Lanchester Methgodist Church by Les Hull

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