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About 5,047 photos within 10km of NZ1982016258
Within 0.01 km
NZ1916 : White Cross  Farm by Hugh Mortimer
Within 0.1 km
NZ1916 : White Cross Farm by peter robinson
NZ1916 : White Cross Farm by Stanley Howe
NZ1916 : Road to White Cross by JThomas
Within 0.6 km
NZ1915 : Teesdale Way near Piercebridge by Gordon Hatton
NZ2016 : Farmway Country Store, Piercebridge by Stanley Howe
Within 1.0 km
NZ1916 : Field near Blakely Hill by Oliver Dixon
NZ1915 : The Tees between Gainford and Piercebridge by Gordon Hatton
NZ1915 : Fly fishing in the Tees by Oliver Dixon
NZ2016 : Drive to Piercebridge Grange by peter robinson
NZ2016 : FeedCo (Animal Feed) works by Stanley Howe
NZ1915 : Teesdale Way between Gainford and Piercebridge by Chris Heaton
NZ1915 : River Tees by Oliver Dixon
NZ1915 : A mass of blossom beside the Teesdale Way by Oliver Dixon
NZ1915 : Across the Tees near Wood House by Gordon Hatton
NZ1915 : Teesdale Way by David Brown
NZ2016 : A67 towards Barnard Castle  by JThomas
NZ2016 : Piercebridge  Grange by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2015 : Pipe Bridge over the Tees by Chris Heaton
NZ2015 : Abutment of the pipe bridge by Oliver Dixon
NZ2015 : Pipe Bridge through the trees by David Brown
NZ2015 : Pipe bridge over the Tees by Oliver Dixon
NZ2015 : Pipe Bridge near Piercebridge by Chris Heaton
NZ2015 : Water over water by Gordon Hatton
NZ1815 : A view north from the Teesdale Way by Chris Heaton
NZ2015 : Teesdale Way above Piercebridge by Gordon Hatton
NZ1816 : Field entrance off the A67 by JThomas
NZ1815 : Teesdale Way near Snow Hall by Oliver Dixon
NZ1816 : Bus stop, Snow Hall by JThomas
NZ1815 : No access by Gordon Hatton
Within 2 km
NZ2016 : Old road west of Piercebridge, County Durham by Oliver Dixon
NZ1815 : A glimpse of the river by Gordon Hatton
NZ1816 : Snow Hall by Oliver Dixon
NZ1915 : Wood and field near Lowfield Cottage by Philip Barker
NZ1816 : Sheep pasture near Gainford by Gordon Hatton
NZ1915 : Lane on the Cliffe Hall estate by Gordon Hatton
NZ2015 : B6275 leaving Piercebridge by JThomas
NZ2015 : Piercebridge Post Office by Oliver Dixon
NZ1915 : Track to Chapel House passes Rawling by Andy Waddington
NZ2015 : Bus stop and shelter, Piercebridge by JThomas
NZ2015 : Farmers bridge carrying footpath over Piercebridge Beck by peter robinson
NZ2015 : Piercebridge Organic Farm Shop and Cafe by Oliver Dixon
NZ2015 : Piercebridge Methodist Church by Jonathan Thacker
NZ1815 : Track and Bridge over Dismantled Railway by Philip Barker
NZ2015 : Piercebridge by Stanley Howe
NZ2015 : House in Piercebridge by Trevor Littlewood
NZ1815 : Railway  Bridge by Hugh Mortimer
NZ1815 : Lane to Chapel House by David Brown
NZ2115 : The Fox Hole, Piercebridge by JThomas
NZ1815 : Track crossing old railway bridge by Gordon Hatton

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