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NZ2253 : Methold Houses, Beamish by John Bedlington
NZ2253 : The Shepherd & Shepherdess pub, Beamish by Malc McDonald
NZ2253 : Shepherd & Shepherdess Beamish by John Bedlington
NZ2253 : The Shepherd & Shepherdess, Beamish by Alex McGregor
NZ2253 : Shepherd & Shepherdess detail by Alex McGregor
Within 0.3 km
NZ2253 : Entrance to Beamish North of England Open Air Museum by brian clark
NZ2253 : Beamish Museum entrance arch by Graham Hogg
NZ2253 : Entrance to Beamish Museum by Bluespacecat
NZ2253 : The Shepherd and Shepherdess by Dave Eagle
NZ2253 : Memorial seat on the Consett and Sunderland railway path by Oliver Dixon
NZ2253 : Car park at Beamish Museum by David P Howard
NZ2253 : Cattle sculptures on disused rail line near Beamish by peter robinson
NZ2253 : Eastern portal of old railway tunnel at Beamish by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2253 : One of the four Beamish Shorthorns by brian clark
NZ2253 : Cyclist and horse riders at Beamish - and some unexpected livestock by Oliver Dixon
NZ2253 : Consett to Sunderland cycle path by brian clark
NZ2153 : Ivy Cottage near Beamish by Robert Graham
NZ2153 : House under repair or renovation by Trevor Littlewood
Within 0.6 km
NZ2253 : One of the Beamish shorthorns by Oliver Dixon
NZ2153 : Car park at Beamish Museum by David P Howard
NZ2253 : Site of Beamish Station by Ben Brooksbank
NZ2254 : Chaldron Wagon at entrance to Beamish by John Firth
NZ2154 : Newcastle Chaldron, or 'black wagon', Beamish by Pauline E
NZ2254 : Car park and entrance building at Beamish Museum by SMJ
NZ2254 : The entrance steps from the car park at Beamish open air museum by Steve  Fareham
NZ2254 : Hammer Square Bank by Robert Graham
NZ2254 : Main entrance, Beamish Open Air Museum by Roger Cornfoot
NZ2254 : Entrance building, Beamish Open Air Museum by Andrew Curtis
NZ2254 : Beamish Museum, Entrance Building by Paul Buckingham
NZ2254 : Old Direction Sign - Signpost by Milestone Society
NZ2254 : Old Boundary Marker by Milestone Society
NZ2154 : Beamish Entrance by John Firth
NZ2254 : Hammer Square House by Robert Graham
NZ2254 : Beamish Museum in winter by Elliott Simpson
NZ2153 : Consett and Sunderland Railway Path by Les Hull
NZ2254 : Beamish  Open Air Museum by Kevin Rushton
NZ2153 : Hellhole Wood by brian clark
NZ2154 : Beamish Museum [1] by Michael Dibb
NZ2253 : Peggy's Wicket by John Bedlington
NZ2154 : Sheffield Corporation tram #264 by Graham Hogg
NZ2154 : Beamish Museum [31] by Michael Dibb
NZ2254 : Footbridge in Ousbrough Wood by Robert Graham
NZ2154 : Tramcar at Beamish Entrance by John Firth
NZ2154 : All aboard by michael ely
NZ2154 : Trams that pass in the day by Keith Edkins
NZ2254 : Beamish  Pockerley Waggonway by Kevin Rushton
NZ2254 : Waiting at the Station. by Bill Henderson
NZ2254 : The Steam Engine Sheds, Beamish Open Air Museum by Bill Henderson
NZ2254 : Beamish  Open Air Museum by Kevin Rushton
NZ2254 : Tramcar heading for Pockerley Manor by John Firth

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