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About 6,151 photos within 10km of NZ227285
Within 0.1 km
NZ2228 : New housing, Woodside Meadows by JThomas
Within 0.3 km
NZ2228 : Footpath to and beyond Hillside Farm Coundon Grange County Durham by peter robinson
NZ2228 : Auckland Park by Trevor Littlewood
Within 0.6 km
NZ2228 : Morton Close by JThomas
NZ2228 : Minor road, Auckland Park by JThomas
NZ2228 : Back of William Street, Auckland Park by Oliver Dixon
NZ2228 : Front of Kimberley Street, Coundon Grange by Oliver Dixon
NZ2328 : Minor road entering Gurney Valley by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2328 : Gurney Valley :  'In the parish of Dene Valley' by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2228 : Back of Kimberley Street, Coundon Grange by Oliver Dixon
NZ2228 : Auckland Park : Primitive Methodist Church 1893 by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2229 : Cut path through field of wheat by Oliver Dixon
NZ2228 : Douglas Crescent Auckland Park County Durham by peter robinson
Within 1.0 km
NZ2227 : Railway bridge, Eldon Lane by JThomas
NZ2228 : Railway bridge on Bonemill Bank by Dylan Chester
NZ2227 : Bridge at Bridge Place by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2328 : Field entrance off Close House by JThomas
NZ2227 : Bridge Place County Durham by peter robinson
NZ2328 : Winter grazing, Gurney Valley by JThomas
NZ2328 : Entering Gurney Valley by JThomas
NZ2328 : Close House by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2229 : A688 near Coundongate by Oliver Dixon
NZ2227 : Terraced housing at Eldon Lane by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2227 : Coronation, Eldon Lane. by Neil Atterby
NZ2229 : Footpath leading to The Auckland Way by peter robinson
NZ2327 : Winter Scene at Close House Nov 2010 by Geoff Harrison
NZ2227 : Darlington - Bishop Auckland Railway by David Robinson
NZ2228 : Rosemount Cemetery, South Church by David Robinson
NZ2227 : 'Busy Base', Main Street, Eldon by Stanley Howe
NZ2227 : Eldon Lane County Durham by peter robinson
NZ2327 : Houses of Coundon Grange from minor road through Eldon by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2227 : Entry to Eldon Lane by Stanley Howe
NZ2327 : A pair of semi-detached Aged Miners' Homes by Stanley Howe
NZ2227 : St. Mark's Church, Eldon  by JThomas
NZ2128 : South Church Bishop Auckland by Ken Crosby
NZ2227 : St Mark's  parish church, Eldon by Stanley Howe
NZ2227 : A Boer War memorial by Stanley Howe
NZ2227 : Minor road entering Coronation from the B6282 by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2327 : Road entering Close House from south by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2227 : Road into Coronation off the B6282 by peter robinson
NZ2227 : B6282 entering South Church by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2128 : Terraced housing on Rosemount Road by JThomas
NZ2229 : Farmland on Grange Hill by Anthony Parkes
NZ2128 : Rosemount Road (B6282) by JThomas
NZ2327 : Close House near Coundon Grange County Durham by peter robinson
NZ2229 : Bracks Road, Coundongate by Oliver Dixon
NZ2327 : Close House, Eldon by JThomas
NZ2128 : Sports Ground, South Church by Alex McGregor
NZ2327 : Grazing, Eldon by JThomas
NZ2127 : Access road behind Rosemount Road by JThomas

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