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About 5,264 photos within 10km of NZ256301
Within 0.3 km
NZ2530 : The Old Eden Arms a residence in Leasingthorne by peter robinson
Within 0.6 km
NZ2530 : Leasingthorne Farm by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2529 : Crawleas Farm Leasingthorne County Durham by peter robinson
NZ2529 : Leasingthorne village entrance sign by Alex McGregor
Within 1.0 km
NZ2530 : Shamrock House Kirk Merrington County Durham by peter robinson
NZ2429 : Allotments at Coundon by Oliver Dixon
NZ2430 : Leeholme and Coundon Community Centre by Oliver Dixon
NZ2530 : Farmland near Middlestone by Oliver Dixon
NZ2530 : Fields near Middlestone by JThomas
NZ2429 : Leeholme : Blind Lane by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2529 : Memorial Garden and Crematorium carpark, Coundon by Stanley Howe
NZ2529 : Please do not walk on the grass! by Stanley Howe
NZ2529 : Balancing Pond in Wear Valley Crematorium grounds by peter robinson
NZ2529 : Gated entry into field by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2430 : B6287, Leeholme by JThomas
NZ2529 : Wear Valley Crematorium by Bilbo
NZ2529 : Chapel at Wear Valley Crematorium by Stanley Howe
NZ2529 : A pond near Coundon village by Stanley Howe
NZ2529 : Garden of Remembrance and pond by Stanley Howe
NZ2430 : Recreation ground, Leeholme by JThomas
NZ2529 : Approach to A689 roundabout by Stanley Howe
NZ2529 : An access to the Garden of Remembrance by Stanley Howe
NZ2529 : Garden of Remembrance by Stanley Howe
NZ2529 : Roundabout on the A689 near Coundon by JThomas
NZ2430 : B6287 : Leeholme by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2630 : Young crop field west of Windlestone Lane by JThomas
NZ2430 : Children's playground, Leeholme by JThomas
NZ2430 : Bus stop and shelter on Leeholme Road by JThomas
NZ2530 : B6287 towards Middlestone by JThomas
Within 2 km
NZ2529 : Grazing towards woodland, Windlestone by JThomas
NZ2529 : Applegarth Pond by john burns
NZ2630 : Windlestone Lane by JThomas
NZ2430 : All the fun of the fair in Leeholme by Stanley Howe
NZ2529 : Minor road towards Kirk Merrington  by JThomas
NZ2529 : Lake, Windlestone by JThomas
NZ2630 : Merrington Grange Farm by JThomas
NZ2529 : West Fell Plantation and Pond by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2529 : Pool north-west of West Fell Plantation by Trevor Littlewood
NZ2531 : Stone cottage on Low Road, Middlestone by JThomas
NZ2531 : Bus shelter on Low Road, Middlestone by JThomas
NZ2630 : Footpath to Merrington Grange and beyond by peter robinson
NZ2531 : The Ship Inn, Middlestone by JThomas
NZ2430 : Convenience store, Leeholme by JThomas
NZ2629 : Old railway, Windlestone Lane by Oliver Dixon
NZ2630 : Merrington Grange by Oliver Dixon
NZ2531 : Eden View, Middlestone by JThomas
NZ2629 : Rough grazing west of Windlestone Lane by JThomas
NZ2531 : Middlestone by Oliver Dixon
NZ2629 : Windlestone Lane by JThomas
NZ2630 : Bollards beside road climbing towards Kirk Merrington by Trevor Littlewood

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