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NZ2563 : The Baltic Mills Art Gallery, Gateshead by Bill Henderson
NZ2563 : The Baltic Centre, Gateshead by Philip Halling
NZ2563 : Baltic, arts centre by Alex McGregor
NZ2563 : Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts by Matthew Wragg
NZ2563 : Newcastle upon Tyne and the Baltic by rob bishop
NZ2563 : The Baltic Centre in Gateshead by Steve Daniels
NZ2563 : Baltic arts centre by Alex McGregor
NZ2563 : The Baltic Centre by night by Oliver Dixon
Within 0.1 km
NZ2563 : The Baltic Centre and the Millennium Bridge by Steve Daniels
NZ2563 : The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art (Baltic Flour Mill) by David Dixon
NZ2563 : The Baltic Centre by JThomas
NZ2563 : River Tyne from The Baltic by Nigel Homer
NZ2563 : Sunset over Newcastle Skyline by Tammi
NZ2563 : Nesting kittiwakes, Baltic Centre, Gateshead by Julian Osley
NZ2563 : Baltic Centre by Michael Preston
NZ2563 : Spank the Monkey at the Baltic by Malcolm Morris
NZ2563 : Art Gallery on the Tyne by Carol Walker
NZ2563 : Millennium Bridge by John Salmon
NZ2563 : Crossing the Millennium Bridge to the Baltic Centre by Steve Daniels
NZ2563 : Gateshead Kittiwakes by Mary and Angus Hogg
NZ2563 : The Sage. by peter cowling
NZ2563 : Baltic Flour Mills (detail) by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : The Baltic Centre by Mark Anderson
NZ2563 : Fireworks as Bear Grylls lands by Christine Westerback
NZ2563 : View down the stairwell in the Baltic Centre by Jeremy Bolwell
NZ2563 : Kittiwakes nesting on the old Baltic Flour Mills in Gateshead by Jeremy Bolwell
NZ2563 : The Baltic, from the Millennium bridge by hayley green
NZ2563 : The Millennium Bridge and the Baltic Centre by Paul Franks
NZ2563 : Baltic by Peter McDermott
NZ2563 : The Millennium Bridge and The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art by Mike Quinn
NZ2563 : Baltic Flour Mill by Richard Croft
NZ2563 : Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead by Graham Robson
NZ2563 : Alien art in the Baltic by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : Kittiwakes on the Baltic by Barbara Carr
NZ2563 : The Baltic Arts Centre Gateshead by peter robinson
NZ2563 : Stairwell at Baltic Arts Centre by David P Howard
NZ2563 : Millennium Bridge, Gateshead, Newcastle by Peter Barr
NZ2563 : Millennium Bridge Gateshead. by patrick connolly
NZ2563 : River Tyne, Gateshead by wfmillar
NZ2563 : Gateshead Millennium Bridge tilts open by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : Baltic flour mills by John Lucas
NZ2563 : The Baltic by Richard Dorrell
NZ2563 : Millennium Bridge and Baltic Centre by Philip Halling
NZ2563 : Baltic Square and Christmas tree by Stephen Sweeney
NZ2563 : The Baltic Centre by the River Tyne by Steve Daniels
NZ2563 : Baltic Centre by Richard Webb
NZ2563 : Baltic Flour Mill, Gateshead Quay by David Dixon
NZ2563 : Bridge, bolt and Baltic by hayley green
NZ2563 : Millennium Bridge Open by John Lee Cockton
NZ2563 : Kittiwakes, nesting at the Baltic Gallery by hayley green

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