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About 4,159 photos within 10km of NZ271122536
Within 1 km
NZ2711 : Bridleway near Stapleton Grange by Gordon Hatton
NZ2611 : Stapleton Grange by Paul Buckingham
NZ2611 : Road to Stapleton Grange by Gordon Hatton
NZ2710 : Bridleway near Monk End Wood by Gordon Hatton
NZ2711 : Nag's Head Farm. Croft Road, Nr.Darlington by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2710 : River Tees from the Teesdale Way. by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2611 : Old barn/shelter near Stapleton by Paul Russell
NZ2710 : Farmland seen from the A167 near Croft-on-Tees by peter robinson
NZ2711 : Entrance from Croft Road to sewage treatment works by peter robinson
NZ2710 : Farmland off the A167 by JThomas
NZ2710 : Trees by the Teesdale Way by Paul Buckingham
NZ2710 : A167 heading towards Northallerton by JThomas
NZ2610 : Farmland, Croft-on-Tees by Andrew Smith
NZ2611 : Stapleton Manor by Paul Buckingham
Within 2 km
NZ2711 : A167 heading south  by JThomas
NZ2711 : Farmland near Spingfield Farm by JThomas
NZ2811 : Farmland, North Oxen-le-Fields by JThomas
NZ2711 : Lay-by on the A167 near Springfield Farm by Mark Anderson
NZ2811 : Track to North Oxen-le-Fields by JThomas
NZ2611 : Northern shore of lake at Stapleton Manor. by peter robinson
NZ2711 : Track towards Springfield Farm by JThomas
NZ2611 : Artificial Lake near Stapleton Manor by Paul Buckingham
NZ2611 : Lake in pasture, Stapleton by Andrew Smith
NZ2611 : Gated access to Stapleton Manor by Stanley Howe
NZ2710 : Pasture, Croft-on-Tees by Andrew Smith
NZ2810 : Hell Kettles Croft Road, near Darlington by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2810 : Hidden depths by Gordon Hatton
NZ2611 : Lodge of Stapleton Manor by Stanley Howe
NZ2511 : Young crop field towards Cowclose House Farm by JThomas
NZ2611 : Gated track to Stapleton Manor by JThomas
NZ2611 : Heading south west on Stapleton Bank by JThomas
NZ2612 : Strawgate Grove in Stapleton by peter robinson
NZ2611 : Stapleton Bank by JThomas
NZ2710 : The Clervaux Trust, Croft on Tees by Paul Buckingham
NZ2811 : North Oxen-le-Fields Farm by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2611 : Entry to Stapleton by Stanley Howe
NZ2610 : Site of Jolby medieval  village by Hugh Mortimer
NZ2811 : Oxen-le-Fields by Antonia
NZ2811 : Path approaching North Oxen-le-fields by Gordon Hatton
NZ2610 : Farm track beside woodland by JThomas
NZ2612 : Village Green, Stapleton by Paul Buckingham
NZ2612 : The Bridge Inn, Stapleton by Stanley Howe
NZ2612 : Bus shelter, Stapleton by Stanley Howe
NZ2609 : Farmland north of Jolby Lane by peter robinson
NZ2612 : Stapleton village green by Stanley Howe
NZ2710 : A Teesdale Way alternative by Gordon Hatton
NZ2610 : Woodland beside farm track by JThomas
NZ2612 : Sign for the Bridge Inn, Stapleton by JThomas
NZ2612 : Bus stop and shelter, Stapleton by JThomas
NZ2511 : Grange View south of Stapleton by peter robinson

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