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About 4,594 photos within 10km of NZ342347
Within 0.1 km
NZ3434 : Abandoned Medieval village of Garmondsway by David Robinson
Within 0.6 km
NZ3434 : Residences in Garmondsway by peter robinson
Within 1.0 km
NZ3434 : Farm road to Garmondsway from Harrap Hill by Oliver Dixon
NZ3434 : Raisby Way along Kelloe Bank by Trevor Littlewood
NZ3434 : Old Lime Kilns by David Robinson
NZ3435 : Raisby Quarries near Kelloe: aerial 2018 by Chris
NZ3435 : Raisby Quarries near Kelloe: aerial 2018 (2) by Chris
NZ3335 : Raisby Way passing ruined building by Trevor Littlewood
NZ3334 : Overgrown footpath off Harrap Road by Oliver Dixon
NZ3333 : Harap Road by David Robinson
NZ3435 : Raisby Quarries, Coxhoe by David Robinson
NZ3334 : Road to West House Farm by David Robinson
NZ3433 : Row of trees on the summit of Harrap Hill by Oliver Dixon
NZ3433 : West Lane off Harap Road by Ian S
NZ3335 : Raisby Hill Grassland Nature Reserve by David Robinson
NZ3534 : Footpath in disused railway cutting by peter robinson
Within 2 km
NZ3335 : Raisby Hill Grassland Nature Reserve by David Robinson
NZ3435 : Footpath to Kelloe from Raisby Quarry by peter robinson
NZ3534 : Raisby Way railway path by Trevor Littlewood
NZ3334 : Farmland off the A177 by JThomas
NZ3334 : Stubble in field alongside unharvested crop by Trevor Littlewood
NZ3433 : Road junction on Harrap Hill by Oliver Dixon
NZ3433 : Hay Bales Near Trimdon by David Robinson
NZ3534 : Arable and pasture land by Carol Rose
NZ3335 : Coxhoe Quarry Pond by peter robinson
NZ3335 : Pond beside the road to Raisby Quarry by Robert Graham
NZ3435 : Ruined house at Kelloe by Carol Rose
NZ3334 : End of a short stretch of dual carriageway on the A177 by JThomas
NZ3333 : The Hare and Hounds pub by JThomas
NZ3335 : Footbridge over Coxhoe Beck by peter robinson
NZ3535 : Tiered quarry face by Trevor Littlewood
NZ3435 : Rough road rising towards Raisby Quarries by Trevor Littlewood
NZ3435 : The Kelloe Way by David Robinson
NZ3333 : College House off the A177 by Ian S
NZ3333 : Hare and Hounds on the A177 by Oliver Dixon
NZ3534 : Raisby Way by David Brown
NZ3436 : Unnamed watercourse in Kelloe by peter robinson
NZ3535 : Communications mast in farmland east of Raisby Quarry by peter robinson
NZ3335 : Looking across to Kelloe village by Robert Graham
NZ3534 : West Lane towards Trimdon by Ian S
NZ3333 : Minor Road to the A177 by Ian S
NZ3535 : On Raisby Hill by David Brown
NZ3335 : Farmland, Coxhoe by David Robinson
NZ3335 : Looking north from the path to Raisby Quarry by Robert Graham
NZ3335 : Kelloe village entrance sign by Alex McGregor
NZ3335 : Farmhouse at East House Farm, Kelloe by peter robinson
NZ3234 : Cottage beside the A177 by Robert Graham
NZ3336 : Looking east along the main street in Kelloe by Robert Graham
NZ3234 : Coxhoe Bridge railway station (site), County Durham by Nigel Thompson
NZ3336 : War memorial at Kelloe by Trevor Littlewood

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