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About 5,267 photos within 10km of NZ373422
Within 0.1 km
NZ3742 : Ruin of Haswell pumping engine building by Trevor Littlewood
Within 0.3 km
NZ3742 : Former chapel, now a private house by John Slater
NZ3742 : Converted chapel, Haswell Plough by JThomas
NZ3742 : Front Street, Haswell Plough by JThomas
NZ3742 : Houses on Gloucester Terrace, Haswell Plough by JThomas
NZ3742 : B1283 Front Street in mist heading east by Colin Pyle
NZ3742 : Lane to join footpath at Haswell Plough by peter robinson
NZ3742 : Converted chapel at Haswell Plough by Oliver Dixon
Within 0.6 km
NZ3642 : The Plough, Haswell Plough by JThomas
NZ3642 : The Plough Inn at Haswell Plough by peter robinson
NZ3642 : The Plough Inn, Haswell Plough. by Bill Henderson
NZ3741 : B1283 Durham Lane, east of Birch Farm by Colin Pyle
NZ3642 : The Plough Inn by John Slater
NZ3642 : Large houses on north side of B1283 by Trevor Littlewood
NZ3642 : Minor road junction with Front Street, Haswell Plough by JThomas
NZ3642 : Garage at Haswell Plough on the B1283 by Oliver Dixon
NZ3642 : B1283 at Haswell Plough village boundary by Colin Pyle
NZ3741 : Plough Farm Shop by John Slater
NZ3742 : Looking West near Haswell by Robert Graham
NZ3641 : View of farmland to the side of Harehill Plantation by Carol Rose
NZ3741 : Barn, Haswell Plough by JThomas
NZ3741 : Muddy farm track (footpath) by JThomas
NZ3741 : Bridleway and farm access lane by John Slater
Within 1.0 km
NZ3642 : Cycle path alongside the B1283 by Oliver Dixon
NZ3742 : View East from Haswell by Robert Graham
NZ3741 : Durham Lane (B1283) towards Easington by JThomas
NZ3741 : Barn near Haswell Plough by Oliver Dixon
NZ3741 : Heavy roller across path line by Trevor Littlewood
NZ3742 : Cattle behind complex fence by Trevor Littlewood
NZ3642 : Looking along the road by Robert Graham
NZ3741 : Farm road near Haswell Plough by Oliver Dixon
NZ3742 : Traffic calming measure on B1280 at Haswell by Trevor Littlewood
NZ3842 : The road to Haswell from Haswell Moor by John Slater
NZ3642 : View North to Watson's Hill by Robert Graham
NZ3743 : The Hazelwell Centre in Haswell by peter robinson
NZ3743 : Peter MacKenzie Methodist Chapel in Haswell by peter robinson
NZ3842 : B1280 towards Haswell by JThomas
NZ3841 : Durham Lane nearing the B1280 junction by Colin Pyle
NZ3842 : Grazing land, Parkland Stud by JThomas
NZ3743 : Haswell Church by Bill Henderson
NZ3743 : Haswell Sure Start Children's Centre by peter robinson
NZ3743 : War memorial at Haswell by Trevor Littlewood
NZ3743 : Red Brick Garth Farm by peter robinson
NZ3743 : Crown Cottage, Church Street, Haswell, County Durham by peter robinson
NZ3743 : Hall Lane in Haswell by peter robinson
NZ3641 : Field to the east of Ludworth by Trevor Littlewood
Within 2 km
NZ3842 : Furze and rough pasture, near Haswell by Oliver Dixon
NZ3841 : The Blue House, Haswell Moor by JThomas
NZ3842 : Footpath to Haswell from Pesspool Wood by John Slater
NZ3841 : Pub with a pylon. by Bill Henderson

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