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About 4,810 photos within 10km of NZ3880047083
Within 0.01 km
NZ3847 : Murton War Memorial by JThomas
Within 0.1 km
NZ3847 : War Memorial, Murton by Richard Cooke
NZ3847 : Memorial to William McNally by Oliver Dixon
NZ3847 : War Memorial Gardens at Murton by Oliver Dixon
Within 0.3 km
NZ3847 : The Village Inn Bed and Breakfast Murton by P Glenwright
NZ3847 : Main Road through Murton by P Glenwright
NZ3847 : Footpath north from Station Road in Murton by peter robinson
NZ3947 : Houses on Williams Road, Murton by JThomas
NZ3947 : Williams Road, Murton by JThomas
Within 0.6 km
NZ3846 : Winds Lane, Murton by Oliver Dixon
NZ3847 : Station Road (B1285), Murton by JThomas
NZ3847 : Houses on Station Road, Murton by JThomas
NZ3847 : Murton Station Post Office by Oliver Dixon
NZ3847 : Post Office, Murton by JThomas
NZ3946 : Murton, Co. Durham, St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church by Bill Henderson
NZ3946 : Murton, Co Durham, Holy Trinity Church by Bill Henderson
NZ3846 : Field adjoining the Winds Lonnen Estate, Murton by Oliver Dixon
NZ3946 : Holy Trinity Church, Murton by JThomas
NZ3847 : Northern edge of Murton by Robert Graham
NZ3946 : St Joseph's Murton, memorial to war dead by Terry Johnson
NZ3847 : Disused Railway by Colin Keightley
NZ3946 : Church Lane, Murton (B1285) by JThomas
Within 1.0 km
NZ3847 : Murton railway station (site), County Durham by Nigel Thompson
NZ3847 : Crossing on Cycle Route 1 at Murton Bridge by Clive Nicholson
NZ3847 : Coal from the closed Murton Mine by roger geach
NZ3946 : St Joseph's R C Primary School Murton by peter robinson
NZ3947 : Murton Library, Barnes Road by Oliver Dixon
NZ3846 : Houses on Broadoaks, Murton by JThomas
NZ3846 : Broadoaks, Murton by JThomas
NZ3847 : Old road, Murton by Richard Webb
NZ3947 : Murton County Primary School by Oliver Dixon
NZ3846 : Hawthorn/Ryhope Way or Cycle Route 1 crossing point on the B1285 by Clive Nicholson
NZ3846 : Cycle Route 1 heading South from Murton by Clive Nicholson
NZ3846 : Hawthorn/Ryehope Way by Richard Webb
NZ3846 : Murton by Richard Webb
NZ3847 : Wheat, Murton by Richard Webb
NZ3747 : Farm track off the B1285 by JThomas
NZ3847 : Old railway walk near Murton by Robert Graham
NZ3847 : Durham and Sunderland Railway trackbed by Richard Webb
NZ3747 : Farmland and hedgerow, Murton Moor farm by JThomas
NZ3847 : Pond to the north of Murton by Oliver Dixon
NZ3747 : Farmland, Murton Moor Farm by JThomas
NZ3946 : The Colliery Inn in Murton by peter robinson
NZ3946 : The Dalton Park Inn, Murton by JThomas
Within 2 km
NZ3746 : Hawthorn/Ryehope Way by Richard Webb
NZ3946 : Colliery Walk in Murton by peter robinson
NZ3946 : Gas exhausters, Hawthorn Coking Works, Murton by Chris Allen
NZ3946 : 50p for the meter anybody? by Chris Allen
NZ3946 : Steam engine, Hawthorn Coking Works by Chris Allen
NZ3946 : Gas compressors, Hawthorn Coking Works by Chris Allen

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