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About 4,556 photos within 10km of NZ4202448742
Within 0.01 km
NZ4248 : Dalden Tower by Oliver Dixon
Within 0.1 km
NZ4248 : Dalden Tower by Mick Garratt
NZ4248 : The remains of Dalden Tower by Andrew Curtis
NZ4248 : Well, Dalden Dene by Mick Garratt
Within 0.3 km
NZ4248 : Daphne Crescent, Seaham by Alex McGregor
NZ4248 : Redwood, Seaham by Alex McGregor
NZ4148 : The Graham Way (B1287) by JThomas
NZ4148 : Playing field, Deneside by JThomas
NZ4248 : Cherry Grove, Seaham by Alex McGregor
Within 0.6 km
NZ4249 : Dawdon Burn by Mick Garratt
NZ4249 : Suburb road by Alex McGregor
NZ4248 : Seaham from West Farm by Richard Cooke
NZ4248 : County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Station Seaham by peter robinson
NZ4248 : Seaham fire station by Kevin Hale
NZ4148 : Dalton le Dale by Colin Keightley
NZ4249 : Roundabout on New Strangford Road, Seaham by Oliver Dixon
Within 1.0 km
NZ4249 : Seaham Harbour railway station (site), County Durham by Nigel Thompson
NZ4149 : Deneside Workingmens Club and Institute Seaham by peter robinson
NZ4149 : Former railway incline down to Seaham Harbour by Nigel Thompson
NZ4249 : A wet morning at Seaham by John Lucas
NZ4249 : Coal for Tyne Dock by roger geach
NZ4249 : Notice of an application for an Order to close Seaham Level Crossing Footpath by John Lucas
NZ4249 : Order to close Seaham Level Crossing Footpath - plan of area affected by John Lucas
NZ4249 : Signal box, Seaham Station by JThomas
NZ4249 : The Island Social Club, Seaham by JThomas
NZ4248 : Allotments At Dawdon by David Robinson
NZ4249 : Seaham Rugby Union  Football Club by JThomas
NZ4249 : Pedestrian railway crossing, Seaham Station by JThomas
NZ4249 : Seaham signal box now demolished by John Lucas
NZ4249 : Seaham railway station, County Durham by Nigel Thompson
NZ4249 : Seaham Signal Box by John Lucas
NZ4249 : Dismantled railway line, Seaham by Andrew Curtis
NZ4247 : Seaham - Parkside from Golf Course by Irene Marlborough
NZ4249 : On the route of the Seaham railway incline by John Lucas
NZ4249 : On Seaham Railway Station by JThomas
NZ4249 : Platform 2, Seaham Station by JThomas
NZ4249 : Frederick Street, Seaham by Bill Henderson
NZ4249 : A Newcastle bound train departing from Seaham railway station by John Lucas
NZ4247 : Old railway walk at Dawdon by Robert Graham
NZ4149 : Houses on Station Road, Seaham by JThomas
NZ4149 : Looking down Station Road, Seaham by JThomas
NZ4249 : Empty? coal wagons being hauled through Seaham station by John Lucas
NZ4249 : Parish Church of St John the Evangelist by Andrew Curtis
NZ4249 : Church of St John the Evangelist by Trevor Littlewood
NZ4248 : Waste Ground Where School Street Stood by Irene Marlborough
NZ4249 : The Parish Of St John Church by Colin Keightley
NZ4249 : Parish Church of St.John's, New Seaham by Matthew Hatton
NZ4248 : Swine Lodge Bank path at Seaham by Mat Fascione
NZ4249 : Church of St John the Evangelist by Oliver Dixon
NZ4249 : Seaham Parish Church, St John the Evangelist by Colin Pyle

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