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About 3,663 photos within 10km of NZ436485
Within 0.1 km
NZ4348 : Liddle Stack by brian clark
Within 0.3 km
NZ4348 : Cliff Top View towards Seaham Harbour by Les Hull
NZ4348 : England Coast Path at Seaham by Mat Fascione
NZ4348 : Liddle Stack, Seaham by Colin Park
NZ4348 : Port access road at Seaham Harbour by Oliver Dixon
NZ4348 : Seaward view from Durham Coast Path by JThomas
NZ4348 : A182 heading south by JThomas
NZ4348 : View north from the coast road at Dawdon by Robert Graham
NZ4348 : Grassed area with paths near A182 by Trevor Littlewood
Within 0.6 km
NZ4348 : Traffic Island, A182 East Cliff Road by Mick Garratt
NZ4348 : The Durham Coast Path to Seaham by Steve Daniels
NZ4348 : A182 East Cliff Road nears Dawdon roundabout by Colin Pyle
NZ4348 : Taxis at Seaham Harbour by Oliver Dixon
NZ4348 : The coastal path at Dawdon by Ian S
NZ4348 : The Durham Coastal Path at Dawdon by Steve Daniels
NZ4348 : Dawdon clifftop car park by brian clark
NZ4348 : Liddle Stack at Dawdon by Mat Fascione
NZ4348 : Stack near Nose's Point by JThomas
NZ4348 : Dawdon Business Park by Robert Graham
NZ4348 : Magnesian limestone stack, Dawdon Chemical Beach by Andrew Curtis
NZ4348 : Durham Coast Path at Seaham Harbour by Oliver Dixon
NZ4348 : Magnesian limestone stack, Dawdon Chemical Beach by Andrew Curtis
NZ4348 : Beach near Nose's Point by JThomas
NZ4348 : New road, Spectrum Business Park by Alex McGregor
NZ4348 : The old industrial North East, Seaham â 1966 by Alan Murray-Rust
NZ4348 : Liddle Stack by Colin Keightley
NZ4348 : Disused Railway, Seaham Harbour by David Robinson
NZ4348 : Seaham Harbour by Oliver Dixon
NZ4347 : Looking North along Chemical Beach by Clive Nicholson
NZ4348 : Robert Street Seaham by peter robinson
Within 1.0 km
NZ4349 : Seaham Harbour from the clifftop by Steve Daniels
NZ4347 : Blast Beach, Seaham by Irene Marlborough
NZ4347 : The barrier on Nose's Point by Steve Daniels
NZ4347 : The rocks off Nose's Point by Clive Nicholson
NZ4347 : Nose's Point and the Blast Beach by Brian Abbott
NZ4347 : Noses Point by brian clark
NZ4347 : Nose's Point along the Durham Heritage Coast by Mat Fascione
NZ4348 : Path under the railway by Robert Graham
NZ4347 : Seats at Noses's Point by Robert Graham
NZ4349 : Arklow freighters in Seaham Inner Harbour by Andrew Curtis
NZ4348 : Railway bridge over Edith Street in Dawdon by peter robinson
NZ4347 : Cliffs at Nose's Point by Trevor Littlewood
NZ4347 : Car park at Nose's Point by Oliver Dixon
NZ4348 : Alfred Street, Seaham by JThomas
NZ4347 : Poem, illustrations and information plaques at Nose's Point by Oliver Dixon
NZ4347 : Dry Stone wall Nose's Point, Dawdon by Les Hull
NZ4347 : Fossil,  Dawdon Colliery close to Seaham by John Ryles
NZ4347 : Noseâs Point at Blast Beach by Mat Fascione
NZ4347 : The footpath at Nose's Point by Steve Daniels
NZ4347 : Wind shelter and visitor information, Nose's Point by Andrew Curtis

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