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About 4,957 photos within 10km of NZ4403720004
Within 0.3 km
NZ4420 : Primrose Hill Sidings, Stockton by mark harrington
Within 0.6 km
NZ4420 : Ex-NER 0-6-0T at Stockton Shed, 1954 by Ben Brooksbank
NZ4419 : Stockton Station by DS Pugh
NZ4419 : Train leaving Stockton station by Philip Barker
NZ4419 : Stockton railway station, County Durham by Nigel Thompson
NZ4420 : Waste ground, Stockton on Tees by JThomas
NZ4419 : Tower block, Stockton by JThomas
NZ4419 : Apartments in former station building, Stockton by JThomas
NZ4420 : Stockton Locomotive Depot by Ben Brooksbank
NZ4420 : 4-8-0T locomotive for hump shunting, resting in Stockton Locomotive Yard by Ben Brooksbank
NZ4420 : Ex-NER 4-8-0T outside Stockton Locomotive Shed by Ben Brooksbank
NZ4419 : Bishopton Lane, Stockton on Tees by JThomas
NZ4420 : Walkways and  road crossing near Eastbourne by Philip Barker
Within 1.0 km
NZ4319 : Stainmore Close, Newtown by Alex McGregor
NZ4420 : Apartments off Norton Road by JThomas
NZ4419 : Stockton-on-Tees from the air by Thomas Nugent
NZ4419 : River Tees, Corporation Quay by Mick Garratt
NZ4419 : Scrapyard next to the railway by Alex McGregor
NZ4319 : Wall repairs at St Paul's Church in Newham Grange by Philip Barker
NZ4419 : The Spotted Cow pub by JThomas
NZ4319 : Methodist Church at Newtown by Carol Rose
NZ4419 : Bishopton Lane, Stockton by Graham Robson
NZ4319 : St Paul's ecumenical church, Bishopton Road, Stockton by Graham Robson
NZ4420 : Wetland and scrub, Great North Park by Richard Webb
NZ4419 : Georgian terrace, Norton Road by Carol Rose
NZ4419 : Bishopton Lane - viewed from High Street by Betty Longbottom
NZ4419 : Norton Road - viewed from Bishopton Lane by Betty Longbottom
NZ4419 : The North Eastern - Bishopton Lane by Betty Longbottom
NZ4420 : Wetland Area by David Robinson
NZ4420 : Lustrum Beck by JThomas
NZ4419 : Maxwell's Corner by Mick Garratt
NZ4419 : Semi derelict Georgian house by Carol Rose
NZ4420 : Terraced housing, Norton Road by JThomas
NZ4419 : Theatre - High Street by Betty Longbottom
NZ4420 : New Health Academy by Alex McGregor
NZ4420 : The Brown Jug pub by JThomas
NZ4419 : Former Globe Bingo Hall, High Street by Mick Garratt
NZ4419 : Castle & Anchor - Church Street by Betty Longbottom
NZ4420 : Path through the trees by Ian Barton
NZ4419 : The Cattlemarket - Church Road by Betty Longbottom
NZ4320 : Cemetery of Bishopton Avenue by JThomas
NZ4419 : Church Road - High Street by Betty Longbottom
NZ4420 : Empty streets north of Danby Road by Alex McGregor
NZ4320 : Durham Road Cemetery, Stockton on Tees by Ian S
NZ4419 : Wellington Street - High Street by Betty Longbottom
NZ4419 : Leisure Centre, Church Road, Stockton by Graham Robson
NZ4419 : Stockton Parish Church - High Street by Betty Longbottom
NZ4419 : Stockton Parish Church of St Thomas by Carol Rose
NZ4419 : Stockton Parish Church by Stephen McKay
NZ4420 : Norton Road Methodist Church by Mick Garratt

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