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About 6,103 photos within 10km of NZ6216417956
Within 0.1 km
NZ6217 : Tocketts House by Mick Garratt
Within 0.3 km
NZ6218 : Pumping Shaft, Tocketts Ironstone Mine by Mick Garratt
NZ6218 : Ventilation Shaft, Tocketts Ironstone Mine by Mick Garratt
Within 0.6 km
NZ6218 : Tocketts Ironstone Mine Ventilation Shaft by Mick Garratt
NZ6218 : Approaching Tocketts Mill by John Slater
NZ6218 : Tocketts Mill by Mick Garratt
NZ6217 : A173 towards Guisborough by JThomas
NZ6217 : Old A173, Tocketts Lythe by Mick Garratt
NZ6218 : Tocketts Mill by Mick Garratt
NZ6217 : Track to Tocketts House by Mick Garratt
NZ6217 : Soggy farmland, Plantation Farm by JThomas
NZ6217 : Track to Plantation Farm by JThomas
Within 1.0 km
NZ6217 : Old road, now a bridleway, northeast of Guisborough by John Slater
NZ6217 : Roundabout near Tocketts Lythe by Philip Barker
NZ6118 : Thornton Fields by Mick Garratt
NZ6117 : Redcar Road (B1269) by JThomas
NZ6117 : Crop field near Tocketts Bridge by JThomas
NZ6118 : Dusk view across the square by Nick W
NZ6217 : Old Guide Stone by Milestone Society
NZ6117 : Cemetery Chapel, Guisborough by John Slater
NZ6317 : Cresting a hill on the A173 by JThomas
NZ6317 : Waterfall Gill by JThomas
NZ6317 : Waterfall Gill by Mick Garratt
NZ6317 : Ellers Wood by JThomas
NZ6117 : Small Chapel, Guisborough Cemetery by Mick Garratt
Within 2 km
NZ6318 : The Road next to Capon Wood near Upleatham by Clive Nicholson
NZ6116 : New Cemetery by Mick Garratt
NZ6118 : Farmland, Thornton Fields by JThomas
NZ6218 : Fenced track to Upleatham by Philip Barker
NZ6317 : The A173 road near Ellers Wood by Philip Barker
NZ6318 : Gated track to Upleatham by Philip Barker
NZ6118 : Redcar Road (B1269)  by JThomas
NZ6116 : A roundabout on the A171 with the A173 by Ian S
NZ6118 : Redcar Road by Philip Barker
NZ6116 : Lodge at the entrance to Gisborough Hall by John Slater
NZ6116 : Former Rear Entrance to Gisborough Hall by Mick Garratt
NZ6116 : Church Lane by Mick Garratt
NZ6216 : Mucky Lane by Mick Garratt
NZ6216 : A171 heading east near Guisborough by JThomas
NZ6117 : Howlbeck Farm by Philip Barker
NZ6219 : View to Roseberry Topping by Mick Garratt
NZ6018 : Entering Dunsdale by JThomas
NZ6219 : Sandy Lane from Fir Rigg Wood by John Slater
NZ6018 : Track heading west off Redcar Road by JThomas
NZ6216 : Path through Horse Parks Wood by Philip Barker
NZ6018 : Grazing towards Greyhound Course Wood by JThomas
NZ6116 : Guisborough, ancient capital of Cleveland by Mick Garratt
NZ6318 : Ellers by Mick Garratt
NZ6116 : A171 towards Whitby by JThomas
NZ6116 : Magistrates Court by Mick Garratt

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