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About 8,826 photos within 10km of SD197931
Within 0.1 km
SD1993 : River Duddon by Michael Graham
SD1993 : Post Office, Ulpha by Maigheach-gheal
SD1993 : Old sewage works in Dunnerdale by Peter Barr
SD1993 : Put-in for the Lower Duddon by Andy Waddington
SD1993 : Postbox, Ulpha by Maigheach-gheal
SD1993 : Old Boundary Marker on Ulpha Bridge by Mike Rayner
SD1993 : Old Boundary Marker by Adrian Dust
SD1993 : Ulpha Bridge over the Duddon, a popular stopping place by Andrew Hill
SD1993 : Former school building near Ulpha by Andrew Hill
SD1993 : Boundary Stone by Adrian Dust
SD1993 : Boundary stone on Ulpha Bridge by Karl and Ali
SD1993 : Ulpha Bridge by Rob Noble
SD1993 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
Within 0.3 km
SD1993 : Former school buildings, Ulpha by Andrew Hill
SD1993 : The River Duddon at Ulpha by Karl and Ali
SD1993 : Churchyard extension at Ulpha by David Martin
SD1992 : River Duddon by Michael Graham
SD1993 : View from the churchyard at Ulpha by David Martin
SD1993 : Grave yard at Ulpha Church by Peter Barr
SD1993 : St Johns Church Ulpha by John Holmes
SD1993 : Victorian Letterbox at Ulpha by Steve Partridge
SD1992 : The Old School, Ulpha Bridge by Tom Richardson
SD1992 : The cattle grid at Whistling Green by Ian Greig
SD1993 : River Duddon near Ulpha Bridge by Trevor Littlewood
SD1993 : Gravestones outside St. John's Church by Trevor Littlewood
SD1993 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
SD1993 : Ulpha by Peter McDermott
SD1993 : St John the Baptist Church, Ulpha by G Laird
SD1993 : Memorial in St John's church, Ulpha by David Purchase
SD1993 : St John's Church, Ulpha by David Purchase
SD1993 : The Church of St John the Baptist, Ulpha by Ian Greig
SD1992 : Track to Birks by Tom Richardson
SD1992 : Looking across the Duddon to houses on minor lane by Andrew Hill
SD1992 : Winding track from Birks to Duddon valley floor by Andrew Hill
SD1992 : The road up to Birks Wood from Ulpha Bridge by Perry Dark
SD1992 : Birks - location, location, location..... by Andrew Hill
Within 0.6 km
SD1992 : Looking over the Duddon from Birks, into the winter afternoon light by Andrew Hill
SD1992 : Public footpath past Low Birks by Perry Dark
SD2093 : Track in Birks Wood by Tom Richardson
SD2092 : Track Junction at Birks by Tom Richardson
SD1993 : Ulpha Almshouses by David Martin
SD1993 : Bluebells and Primroses by Michael Graham
SD1993 : The Almshouses, Ulpha by Rob Noble
SD1993 : The Almshouses, Ulpha by Tom Richardson
SD1993 : White Bluebell by Michael Graham
SD1992 : Whistling Green from the River Duddon by Andy Waddington
SD2093 : The Duddon Valley, Birks Wood and Caw by Perky Duck's Supplementals
SD2093 : Bridleway, Birks Wood by Rob Noble
SD1993 : In Ulpha by Michael Graham
SD1992 : Ordnance Survey Rivet by Adrian Dust

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