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About 4,633 photos within 10km of SJ089369
Within 0.1 km
SJ0836 : Old Boundary Marker by Milestone Society
SJ0836 : Summit of Moel yr Henfaes, Berwyn Mountains by Colin Park
SJ0836 : Close up of cairn on un-named 621 m height by Bill Rowley
SJ0836 : Cairn on 621 m height looking towards Moel Fferna by Bill Rowley
SJ0836 : Summit Cairn on Pen Bwlch Llandrillo  2037' / 621m by John H Darch
SJ0836 : The summit cairn of unnamed height 621m by Eric Jones
Within 0.3 km
SJ0836 : The southern slope of hill 621 by Eric Jones
SJ0936 : View across the Pen Bwlch Llandrillo col to the main Berwyn ridge by Eric Jones
SJ0936 : View north from by cairn by Espresso Addict
SJ0836 : Hill track at west of summit of Pen Bwlch Llandrillo by Colin Park
SJ0836 : The 'sting in the tail' of the track by Richard Law
Within 0.6 km
SJ0836 : View west, below col on Pen Bwlch Llandrillo by Espresso Addict
SJ0936 : Wayfarer by Dewi
SJ0936 : The utterly unacceptable face of 4x4 use by Richard Law
SJ0936 : Crags above col by Espresso Addict
SJ0936 : Walkers at the memorial to Wayfarer at Pen Bwlch Llandrillo at dusk by Jeremy Bolwell
SJ0936 : Wayfarer memorial plaque at Pen Bwlch Llandrillo by Jeremy Bolwell
SJ0936 : The remains of the shelter at Bwlch Llandrillo by Richard Law
SJ0936 : Memorial stone by John H Darch
SJ0936 : Off-roaders at Bwlch Llandillo by Richard Law
SJ0836 : The hillside above the Llandrillo to Ceiriog Valley path by Jeremy Bolwell
SJ0836 : The ancient trans-Berwyn track from Llandrillo to Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog by Eric Jones
SJ0936 : Memorial to a wayfarer by Espresso Addict
SJ0936 : Rainbow at col by Espresso Addict
SJ0936 : Stone cairn at Pen Bwlch Llandrillo by Jeremy Bolwell
SJ0937 : Bog asphodel by Graham
SJ0936 : Moorland and a faint path at Careg-y-Caws by Richard Law
SJ0837 : An outlier the summit of which is marked by a pile of stones by Eric Jones
SJ0936 : Gold and purple: the Careg-y-Caws cairn by Espresso Addict
SJ0936 : Rainbow over Nant Rhydwilym valley by Espresso Addict
SJ0837 : View back along the ridge by Eric Jones
Within 1.0 km
SJ0836 : Track junction high on the Berwyns by Richard Law
SJ0837 : The upper reaches of Nant y Lladron valley by Eric Jones
SJ0836 : Blaen Llynor by Espresso Addict
SJ0837 : Sheep on a thistled col by Eric Jones
SJ0937 : Old Boundary Marker on Berwyn, Ceiriog Ucha Parish by Milestone Society
SJ0936 : Heather and crags on 590 m elevation by Espresso Addict
SJ0936 : Drovers trail to England by Row17
SJ0936 : Gateway beside the track up the Nant Rhydwilym by Richard Law
SJ0936 : Plantation in Nant Rhydwilym valley by Espresso Addict
SJ0935 : Rock outcrop & fence above Careg-y-Caws by Richard Law
SJ0937 : The upper part of Nant y Lladron valley by Eric Jones
SJ0935 : Moorland fence by John H Darch
SJ0837 : Heather moor above the valley of Nant y Lladron by Eric Jones
SJ0837 : Hillside above the tributary valley of Nant Gwyn by Eric Jones
SJ0837 : Boundary between moor and improved land by Eric Jones
Within 2 km
SJ0936 : View towards col in the Berwyn northern ridge by Espresso Addict
SJ0937 : Old Boundary Marker on the Berwyn, Ceiriog Ucha parish by Milestone Society
SJ0936 : Trailbike damage beside the track to Bwlch Llandrillo by Richard Law
SJ0935 : Ridge above Afon Rhydwilym by Eric Jones

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