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About 3,955 photos within 10km of SN664094
Within 0.1 km
SN6609 : Y Filltir Fain by Alan Richards
Within 0.3 km
SN6609 : Mynydd y Betws by Rude Health
SN6609 : Mynydd y Betws, path by Mike Faherty
SN6609 : Mynydd y Betws, view by Mike Faherty
SN6609 : Penlle'r Castell by cefngyfelach
SN6609 : Penlle'r Castell settlement, Betws Mountain by Nigel Davies
SN6609 : Plaque on Penlle'r Castell by Nigel Davies
SN6609 : Abandoned Minibus by cefngyfelach
SN6609 : Mynydd y Betws, moorland road by Mike Faherty
Within 0.6 km
SN6609 : Disused Quarry by Alan Hughes
SN6609 : Mynydd y Gwair wind farm by Alan Hughes
SN6609 : Mynydd y Betws, road junction by Mike Faherty
SN6609 : Gritting to the border by Nigel Davies
SN6609 : Road junction below Penlle'r Castell by Nigel Davies
Within 1.0 km
SN6608 : Mountain Road by Nigel Davies
SN6709 : The Gower Way by Alan Hughes
SN6610 : Electricity pylons by Alan Hughes
SN6709 : Bovine salt raid by Nigel Davies
SN6610 : Large pit at site of Betws Mountain Windfarm by Nigel Davies
SN6608 : Y Filltir Fain, Mynydd y Gwair by Alan Richards
SN6608 : Mynydd y Gwair, sheep grazing by Mike Faherty
SN6508 : Service road by Alan Hughes
SN6709 : Road down into the lower Clydach valley by Nigel Davies
SN6709 : Henrhyd by Alan Richards
SN6509 : Upper Cwm Cathran valley by Hywel Williams
SN6709 : Henrhyd Farm by Alan Hughes
SN6709 : Ford at Penlanau by Alan Hughes
Within 2 km
SN6509 : Blaen Y Cwm by Alan Richards
SN6508 : Mynydd y Gwair by Alan Richards
SN6510 : Mynydd y Betws, substation by Mike Faherty
SN6708 : Ordnance Survey Pivot by Adrian Dust
SN6510 : Substation in Betws Mountain windfarm by Nigel Davies
SN6510 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
SN6510 : Mile Stone & Wind Turbine by Adrian Dust
SN6510 : Old Milestone, Maesquarre Road, Betws, south east of Ammanford by Milestone Society
SN6509 : Cwm Cathan by Alan Hughes
SN6708 : Cwm Clydach Isaf by Alan Richards
SN6510 : Wind Farm by Alan Hughes
SN6608 : Wind turbines on Mynydd y Gwair by john bristow
SN6608 : Wind turbines on Mynydd y Betws by Alan Hughes
SN6508 : Forests on south slope of Cwm Cathan by Nigel Davies
SN6710 : Mynydd y Betws wind farm under construction by Bart Horeman
SN6708 : New bridge by David Lang
SN6708 : Bridge over the Clydach by Alan Hughes
SN6708 : Bridge over the Clydach by Alan Hughes
SN6710 : Henrhyd by Alan Richards
SN6608 : Gower Way marker 46A by Nigel Davies
SN6510 : Mynydd Y Betws trig point by Aaron Jones
SN6510 : Trig point on Betws Mountain by Nigel Davies
SN6708 : Bridge over Clydach river by Nigel Davies

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