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About 11,871 photos within 10km of ST749715
Within 0.1 km
ST7471 : View to Henley Hill by Jonathan Billinger
Within 0.3 km
ST7471 : Henley Tyning farm by Roger Cornfoot
ST7471 : Whiteways B&B by Neil Owen
ST7571 : 2010 : Leigh Lane passing Henley Tyning Farm by Maurice Pullin
ST7471 : 2008 : Leigh Lane, the road to St.Catherine's Valley by Maurice Pullin
Within 0.6 km
ST7471 : 2008 : Over the pasture to Nimlet hamlet. by Maurice Pullin
ST7471 : Approaching Slough Lane junction at Nimlet by John Firth
ST7471 : Henley Hill and the road to Henley Tyning by David Smith
ST7571 : 2010 : East from Leigh Lane by Maurice Pullin
ST7471 : Leigh Lane by Philip Jeffrey
ST7471 : A46 at Nimlet by Jonathan Billinger
ST7571 : 2010 : At the head of St.Catherine's Valley by Maurice Pullin
ST7471 : Old farm buildings on Nimlet Hill by Philip Jeffrey
ST7471 : Nimlet by Phil Williams
ST7471 : High wind at Nimlet by Roger Cornfoot
ST7571 : A stand of trees on a hilltop by Neil Owen
ST7571 : Down to St Catherine's by Neil Owen
ST7471 : 2008 : Looking south on the A46 by Maurice Pullin
ST7471 : A46 enters Bath and North East Somerset by J.Hannan-Briggs
ST7571 : Fry's farm by Roger Cornfoot
Within 1.0 km
ST7472 : Field gate near Cold Ashton by Steve  Fareham
ST7470 : Charmy Down by Phil Williams
ST7470 : The road to Manor Farm by Philip Jeffrey
ST7471 : Tadwick Lane by Philip Jeffrey
ST7571 : 2010 : View east on Leigh Lane by Maurice Pullin
ST7571 : 2010 : St.Catherine's Valley, just a little bit more by Maurice Pullin
ST7472 : 2008 : South from Greenway Lane near Cold Ashton by Maurice Pullin
ST7470 : Farmland by the A46 by Philip Jeffrey
ST7470 : Bends on the A46 by J.Hannan-Briggs
ST7572 : 2008 : East of south from Hyde's Lane, Cold Ashton by Maurice Pullin
ST7472 : Cold Ashton sign at The Lynch by John Firth
ST7472 : A46 6 miles to Bath by J.Hannan-Briggs
ST7470 : 2008 : View from Nimlet Hill near Tadwick by Maurice Pullin
Within 2 km
ST7571 : Monkswood  Reservoir by Rick Crowley
ST7470 : 2008 : Tadwick Lane by Maurice Pullin
ST7571 : Monkswood reservoir by Roger Cornfoot
ST7571 : 2010 : Beek's Farm by Maurice Pullin
ST7371 : View from Hill Farm by John Winder
ST7571 : Monkswood Reservoir by Neil Owen
ST7572 : 2008 : South east from Hyde's Lane, Cold Ashton by Maurice Pullin
ST7472 : Sheep near Cold Ashton by Bill Boaden
ST7571 : 2010 : St. Catherine's Valley, the full Monty by Maurice Pullin
ST7472 : Adding to the character by Neil Owen
ST7472 : The Cotswold Way towards the A46 by Ian S
ST7472 : The Cotswold Way crossing the A46 near Cold Ashton by Tim Heaton
ST7472 : The Cotswold Way on Greenways Lane by Ian S
ST7472 : The Cotswold Way crosses over the A46 by Ian S
ST7472 : Hyde's Lane, Cold Ashton by Ian S
ST7472 : Lane in Cold Ashton by Bill Boaden
ST7472 : Green over the red by Neil Owen

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