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Matched Location: Harlescott / SJ5115, Shropshire, England
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SJ5014 : Sundorne Avenue towards Sundorne Crescent by John Firth
SJ5015 : Semi-detached in Rosedale by Row17
SJ5014 : Sundorne Avenue looking south by John Firth
SJ5015 : Harlescott social club from entrance on Roseway by John Firth
SJ5014 : Sundorne Crescent from Sundorne Avenue by John Firth
SJ5015 : Bus stop on Whitchurch Road by Row17
SJ5015 : View down Roseway by John Firth
SJ5015 : Whitchurch Road (A5112) Harlescott by David Dixon
SJ5115 : Church of the Holy Spirit, Harlescott by Richard Law
SJ5014 : Former water tower, Albert Road, Shrewsbury by Stephen Richards
SJ5114 : Sundorne Road beside the Coracle Inn by Row17
SJ5114 : Coracle Inn, Sundorne by al partington
SJ5114 : Bus stops and roundabout at the southern end of Meadow Farm Drive by Richard Law
SJ5114 : The TA Centre on Sundorne Road, Shrewsbury by Richard Law
SJ5114 : Sundorne Road at Montgomery Way by Peter Whatley
SJ5014 : Factory on Whitchurch Road, Ditherington by David Dixon
SJ5115 : Lantern community building by Mr M Evison
SJ5114 : Our Lady of Pity church tower by Richard Law
SJ5114 : Our Lady of Pity Catholic church, Harlescott by Richard Law
SJ5014 : The duty Sentinel at the factory gate by Richard Law
SJ5014 : The Sentinel Works, Whitchurch Road by Richard Law
SJ5115 : Post box on the corner of Whitchurch Road and Meadow Farm Drive by Richard Law
SJ5114 : Recreation area off Ebury Avenue by John Firth
SJ5014 : Sundorne Road at Albert Road by Peter Whatley
SJ5115 : Harlescott milepost - detail by Richard Law
SJ5014 : Morrisons Traffic Lights, Whitchurch Road by David Dixon
SJ5015 : Crewe to Shrewsbury Line by Mr M Evison
SJ5115 : Harlescott, Winchurch Road by David Dixon
SJ5115 : Old Milepost by A Reade/J Higgins
SJ5014 : Public footpath along the riverside by Richard Law
SJ5114 : Shrewsbury Canal by John M
SJ5115 : The Harlescott by Mr M Evison
SJ5114 : NCN Route 81 east of Shrewsbury by Richard Law
SJ5015 : Old animal food storage by Mr M Evison
SJ5014 : Mud bank on the Severn by Richard Law
SJ5115 : Tesco sheep at the road junction by Peter Turner
SJ5014 : Cast iron water pump at Ditherington by Richard Law
SJ5015 : Honda Car Sales by Mr M Evison
SJ5014 : The Heathgates by Richard Law
SJ5115 : Sheep Sculptures at Harlescott Crossroads by John Firth
SJ5115 : Multicoloured sheep at Tesco car park by John Firth
SJ5115 : View down Featherbed Lane by Penny Mayes
SJ5014 : Morrisons supermarket, Ditherington by Richard Law
SJ5015 : Charlie's Store by Andy and Hilary
SJ5014 : The Rising Price Of Fuel by Mr M Evison
SJ5115 : The Boarded up Shropshire Lad by Mr M Evison
SJ5115 : Fire Damaged Pub by Mr M Evison
SJ5115 : New Tesco Under Construction by Mr M Evison
SJ5115 : Multi Coloured sheep at Tesco by Mr M Evison
SJ5115 : Former Site Of The Harlescott Pub by Mr M Evison

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