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Matched Location: Heathcote/SJ6528, Shropshire, England
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Within 1 km
SJ6428 : Driveway to Stoke Manor by Row17
SJ6428 : Stoke on Tern entrance sign by Alex McGregor
SJ6427 : Stoke Manor. by Paul Beaman
SJ6428 : Bus Shelter, postbox and telephone box at Langley Dale by A Holmes
SJ6528 : Primary School at Heathcote by Row17
SJ6528 : Stoke on Tern - Primary School by Richard Law
SJ6527 : Lane in the afternoon sun. by Paul Beaman
SJ6427 : Warrant Road, Stoke on Tern by Alex McGregor
SJ6428 : Cemetery at Stoke on Tern by A Holmes
SJ6428 : Warren Caravan Park, Stoke -on-Tern by Geoff Pick
SJ6427 : The Old Smithy. by Paul Beaman
SJ6428 : Lych gate at Stoke on Tern Cemetery by Ian S
SJ6427 : Entering Stoke on Tern by Ian S
SJ6428 : Stoke on Tern Cemetery by Ian S
Within 2 km
SJ6327 : Old Direction Sign - Signpost by Milestone Society
SJ6427 : Stoke Farm, Stoke on Tern by Ian S
SJ6427 : Could be an old boundary by Row17
SJ6527 : Cottage Near Heathcote by Geoff Pick
SJ6327 : Glebe Field Millennium Picnic Area by Ian S
SJ6528 : Mount Lane, Heathcote by Geoff Pick
SJ6527 : Horse pound by Row17
SJ6328 : Lane leading uphill behind Stoke Court by A Holmes
SJ6327 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Peter Wood
SJ6327 : St Peter's Church, Stoke on Tern by Ian S
SJ6327 : St Peter's Church, Stoke on Tern by Ian S
SJ6327 : St Peters Church, Stoke on Tern by A Holmes
SJ6327 : St Peter's Church, Stoke on Tern by Alex McGregor
SJ6327 : St. Peter, Stoke On Tern by Brian Deegan
SJ6327 : The Church of St Peter at Stoke on Tern by Peter Wood
SJ6327 : Stoke on Tern - Shropshire by Martin Richard Phelan
SJ6328 : Stream flowing between Stoke Court and St Peter's Church by Peter Wood
SJ6327 : Stoke-on-Tern church by Row17
SJ6327 : St Peter's Church by John M
SJ6429 : Road Junction Near Stoke Heath by Geoff Pick
SJ6328 : Up the hill towards Tern Villa by A Holmes
SJ6327 : Over the Tern. by Paul Beaman
SJ6627 : The Shelter. by Paul Beaman
SJ6327 : River Tern upstream of the bridge at Stoke on Tern by John M
SJ6429 : Old RAF Buildings near Stoke Heath by Geoff Pick
SJ6627 : Mixed farming by Row17
SJ6327 : Petsey House by A Holmes
SJ6327 : Petsey Mill, Stoke on Tern by Ian S
SJ6429 : Former Primitive Methodist Chapel on Chapel Lane by Ian S
SJ6429 : Chapel Lane towards Warren Road by Ian S
SJ6526 : Sheep grazing on a disused airfield by Row17
SJ6627 : Ollerton Motorcross by Brian Deegan
SJ6327 : Stoke-on-Tern Church by Andy and Hilary
SJ6529 : Barn at Yewtree Farm, Rosehill Road by Ian S
SJ6429 : Bungalow on Warren Road by Ian S
SJ6426 : The working end of Woodhouse Farm by Row17

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