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Matched Location: Postcode NE19 1JF / NY87469371

About 3,603 photos within 10km of NY87469371
Within 0.01 km
NY8793 : Ordnance Survey Flush Bracket (S7652) by Adrian Dust
Within 0.1 km
NY8793 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
NY8793 : Otterburn First School by Russel Wills
NY8793 : Otterburn First School by Colin Smith
Within 0.3 km
NY8793 : Agricultural Shed in Lee of wall by David Clark
NY8793 : Tin Lambing Shed by Iain Lees
NY8793 : Battle of Otterburn 1388 by Charlie Bell
NY8793 : Remains of Percy's Cross by Russel Wills
NY8793 : Small plantation with corrugated metal building by Trevor Littlewood
NY8793 : Percy's Cross, Otterburn by Anthony Foster
NY8793 : Percy's Cross by James T M Towill
NY8793 : Percy's Cross by Colin Kinnear
NY8793 : Battle of Otterburn by george hurrell
NY8793 : Percy's Cross by Graham Ellis
NY8793 : The Battle of Otterburn (Site of) by Graham Ellis
NY8793 : Percy's Cross by Iain Lees
NY8793 : Percy's Cross, Otterburn by G Laird
Within 0.6 km
NY8793 : Old Milestone by the A696, north west of Otterburn by C Minto
NY8693 : Oyster Catcher paddling in River Rede by Russel Wills
NY8794 : Greenchesters by Peter McDermott
NY8893 : Farmland northeast of Percy's Cross by Mike Quinn
NY8794 : Lime kiln at Greenchesters by David Clark
NY8893 : Farmland east of Percy's Cross by Mike Quinn
NY8794 : Greenchesters Lime Kiln by Trevor Littlewood
NY8794 : Greenchesters Lime kiln by David Clark
NY8794 : Limekiln at Greenchesters by Russel Wills
NY8794 : Greenchesters by Russel Wills
Within 1.0 km
NY8793 : Covered reservoir west of Otterburn by Alpin Stewart
NY8793 : Farmland around the River Rede northeast of Garretshiels by Mike Quinn
NY8794 : Farmland west of Otterburn Hall Farm by Mike Quinn
NY8794 : Pond by Cross Plantation by Russel Wills
NY8893 : Pastures west of Townhead by Mike Quinn
NY8693 : Garretshiels by Peter McDermott
NY8693 : Sheep grazing near Lowtown Burn by Christine Johnstone
NY8893 : Field, Townhead by Richard Webb
Within 2 km
NY8693 : Farmland by the A68 by Anthony Parkes
NY8693 : Pasture in Redesdale by Christine Johnstone
NY8694 : The Holt by Peter McDermott
NY8693 : Lowtown Burn by Christine Johnstone
NY8693 : Field corner beside A68 by Trevor Littlewood
NY8693 : Lay-by on the A68 by Christine Johnstone
NY8693 : Dere Street by Christine Johnstone
NY8692 : Dunns Houses by Peter McDermott
NY8794 : Bridleway to Otterburn by No Body
NY8893 : View between houses in Otterburn village by Russel Wills
NY8694 : Valley of River Rede by Trevor Littlewood
NY8693 : Site of settlement by Christine Johnstone
NY8692 : A68 at Troughend Bungalow by Colin Pyle
NY8692 : Troughend Bungalow by Russel Wills
NY8792 : Redesdale by Peter McDermott

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