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Matched Location: Whitehaven/SJ2624, Shropshire, England
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Within 1 km
SJ2523 : Cefn Lane crosses Blodwel Bank by Richard Law
SJ2523 : Minor road to Nantmawr and Treflach by Tim Heaton
SJ2623 : Along Cefn Lane in Porth-y-waen village by Richard Law
SJ2523 : Level crossing near Porth-y-Waen by Dan Haigh
SJ2523 : Level Crossing on Offa's Dyke National Trail by Row17
SJ2523 : Blodwel Bank - the  road to Treflach by Richard Law
SJ2623 : Village track between Cefn Lane and Porth Y Waen by Richard Law
SJ2523 : Disused Railway west of Porth-y-waen by Chris Heaton
SJ2623 : View towards Porth-y-waen by Tim Heaton
SJ2523 : OS Flush Bracket - Porth-y-waen by Richard Law
SJ2523 : Entrance to Porth y Waen by Christine Johnstone
SJ2523 : Tree at the foot of Blodwel Bank by Christine Johnstone
SJ2523 : OS benchmark - Porth-y-waen, gatehouse by Richard Law
SJ2524 : The lane down the hill by Christine Johnstone
SJ2524 : Hillside and farmhouse by Christine Johnstone
SJ2523 : Former toll house, outside Porth y Waen by Christine Johnstone
SJ2524 : The lane up the hill by Christine Johnstone
SJ2523 : Porth-Y-Waen by John Firth
SJ2524 : House near Whitehaven by John Haynes
SJ2524 : Entrance to the Tanat Valley Railway by Christine Johnstone
SJ2524 : Cefn Lane Farm by Chris Heaton
SJ2523 : Old house and drive by Christine Johnstone
SJ2623 : Modern intensive livestock sheds at Porth-y-waen Farm by John Haynes
SJ2523 : Entrance to quarry, off A495 by Christine Johnstone
SJ2623 : Old Direction Sign - Signpost by Milestone Society
SJ2623 : Crossing a disused railway line by Row17
SJ2623 : Disused railway line at Porth-y- waen at point where Offa's Dyke Path crosses by Colin Park
SJ2623 : A495 east of Porth-y-waen by Colin Pyle
SJ2623 : Disused Railway south of Porth-y-waen by Chris Heaton
SJ2524 : Cefn Lane by Chris Heaton
SJ2624 : Readymix concrete plant in Llynclys Quarry by Richard Law
SJ2624 : Entrance to Underhill from Wern y Wiel by John Firth
SJ2623 : Offa's Dyke Path leading NW down to Porth-y-waen near Oswestry by Colin Park
SJ2524 : Road junction East of Nantmawr by John Firth
SJ2623 : Lime Kiln Public House by John Firth
SJ2623 : Disused Railway Tracks by Tony Thomas
SJ2623 : Porth-y-waen recreation ground by John Firth
SJ2624 : Wern y Wiel at entrance to Pleasant Grove by John Firth
SJ2624 : Lane to Middle Forest by John Firth
SJ2623 : The Lime Kiln public house at Porth-y-Waen, Shropshire by Jeremy Bolwell
SJ2624 : Porth-y-waen, Lime Kiln by Mike Faherty
SJ2624 : Entrance to Middle Forest from Wern y Wiel by John Firth
SJ2524 : Railway bridge at Nantmawr by John Haynes
SJ2523 : A495 west of Porth-y-waen by Colin Pyle
SJ2524 : Public Footpath between houses by John Firth
Within 2 km
SJ2723 : Section of railway under Llynclys Hill by John Firth
SJ2524 : View west down hill into Nantmawr by John Firth
SJ2624 : Llamas in field by Whitehaven by John Haynes
SJ2524 : Offa's Dyke Path descends steeply down to Nantmawr village by Jeremy Bolwell
SJ2624 : House on bend of Wern y Wiel by John Firth

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