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The Bottom Line

A statement about Geograph's finances by our Treasurer, Michael Dibb.
Posted by Robin Stott on Mon, 1 Feb (0 comments)

2016 AGM and events

There's been a steady decline in attendance at our conferences – but those of us who were there know how enjoyable they were.

The trustees have decided to give the conference format a rest for this year at least. Instead, we'll have a social get-together, more like a meet, with an AGM thrown in…sorry, formally included…because Geograph Project Limited still has to hold an annual general meeting.

The date will be Saturday 25 June 2016. As for a venue, attention has turned to the east of England and initially to Peterborough, which is very accessible by rail and road (and bus and boat, I daresay).

Who knows Peterborough? Does it have a likely venue? On past form we need a large pub with decent drink and food, and enough room for us all to sit down to lunch together.

Those of you who remember some of the birthday meets we've had (Stratford-upon-Avon and Matlock 2011; Banbury 2013; Oakham 2014; Woolhampton and London 2015) will know the form: meet at the venue, coffee or tea or drinks, lunch, then a choice – stay in the pub, or go exploring with the camera, or join an organised trip or guided walk. The AGM could be fitted in before or after lunch, we haven't decided yet.

I know that some people who have a long way to come would prefer to make a longer stay of it, with further trips, visits and meals out. That's perfectly possible; the format is still very fluid. Peterborough has B&Bs. I'm hoping this post will prompt some ideas and that someone would positively like to co-ordinate a programme.

I also know there'll be grumbles about the date. Of the five conferences we've held, three have been on weekdays, only two on Saturdays, so 25 June evens up the tally. Coincidentally it is also Armed Forces Day.
Posted by Robin Stott on Thu, 21 Jan (40 comments)

Gift Aid.

For Geograph to claim Gift Aid on you donations, a Gift Aid declaration must be held.
If you have donated to Geograph via Paypal and a Geograph do not hold your declaration you will have been sent a declaration through the post.
If you are a UK taxpayer and you have not returned the declaration, then please do so.
An extra 25% of the value of your donation can be reclaimed - and at no additional cost to you.
Posted by Barry Hunter on Wed, 13 Jan (0 comments)

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