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Geograph Announcements

Image Type tags update

The plan to replace the Supplemental label with Image Type tags: Cross Grid, Aerial, Inside and Detail has been finalised and will be going live on Wednesday 11 May 2016.

The photo page and the profile page will reflect the changes from 11 May. Other pages will be updated when Barry has the time.

Company Members have been emailed individually and Moderators have had full details. A temporary note will be inserted into the relevant guidelines to flag up the change, pending a more detailed information page. To comment on this, best go to the Image Type tagging... thread.

Robin Stott, on behalf of the trustees
Posted by Robin Stott on Fri, 29 Apr (0 comments)

Submitted in last few days? - READ THIS!

We've just found that recently one of our disks has developed a fault, where its not saving data written to it. The file appears to write ok, but when later read back its corrupted.

It seems to have started last Wednesday (20th), so submissions since they MAY be affected. I've removed the disk from active use, so no more submissions should be written there for now

... it only seems to affect files over about 500k, so is only really affecting 'larger files'. The photo page image (nominal 640px) seems to be safe.

Unfortunately its means the larger photo has been LOST in these specific cases.

Still working on identifying the exact effected images. And will produce a page to find your affected submissions. Alas it looks like the only remedy (to restore the larger upload) will be to upload the image again!

(To be clear this is totally separate to the other issue, with reuploading a 'larger' file, in that case the file ok, just cant be seen by the front end servers. This issue is affecting images even on first submission)
Posted by Barry Hunter on Sun, 24 Apr (49 comments)

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