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Geograph Announcements

Interested in a Mobile (and Tablet) Geograph App?

... if so feedback form.

This is not a sign anything will happen (I'm not up to producing an app!) - just to gauge interest, assuming would have to fund its development.
Posted by Barry Hunter on Mon, 19 Feb (1 comment)

Funds and accounts

At the meeting held on 29th January, the Annual Report and the Financial Statements for the year ended 31st December, 2017 were approved by the Trustees. The documents will be distributed to all company members.

The accounts show that the project suffered an excess of expenditure (in other words a loss) of 3,554 for the year.

Donations received were 12,550 including Gift Aid. Earned interest was 57. Expenditure was 16,160.

At the meeting, the budget for 2018 was agreed. This shows a budgeted loss of some 5,370 based on donations receivable of 11,000.

From tomorrow, 9th February, we are running a Wikipedia style appeal for donations for a limited period. This appeal is aimed at the users of the site and not at the contributors. However should any contributor wish to donate, such a donation would be gratefully received.

Michael Dibb
Posted by Michael Dibb on Thu, 8 Feb (55 comments)

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