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Geograph finances

Geograph Project finances

In the beginning, Ordnance Survey were intending to create an educational website containing images of the country. They came across Geograph and realized that it was very like the website they envisaged creating. So, rather than create their own website, Ordnance Survey sponsored Geograph most generously for several years.

However, the downturn in the economic situation meant that, Ordnance Survey could not continue their sponsorship after February 2012.

Geograph has thus needed to generate sufficient income to keep the project running. It is thought by the trustees (directors) that income could potentially be generated in a number of acceptable ways donations, sponsorship(s), grants and by selling curated collections of photographs. Other, less attractive, sources could be subscriptions or advertising. It is felt that subscriptions and advertising are methods of (almost) last resort.

Apart from donations, the other potential sources of income take a great deal of time and effort to come to fruition. Consequently, since 2012, the only source of income, apart from a little interest, has been donations.

Currently it requires somewhere around 6.5K a year to run the website (technical costs, administration costs and conference costs) although this is likely to increase significantly when alternative hosting arrangements are made that will free Barry from the increasing burden of system administration. We need to allow about 2.5K a year to purchase replacement servers as they wear out a total of some 9.0K a year.

Our income from donations (including Gift Aid) in 2012 was 8.4K, in 2013 it was 5.1K and for 2014 it is was 8.8K.

Not too much of a deficit one might think. However, of the total donations received of some 22.3K, a very large proportion of it - 9.3K - has been donated by one very generous individual. Without this individual, the deficit would be much greater.

Happily, Geograph does have some funds remaining from the sponsorship deal with Ordnance Survey. These funds are kept in reserve. Should the income from donations substantially decrease, these reserve funds would hopefully enable Geograph to continue until other sources of income come on stream.

In the meantime, it is important that the income from donations continues. So, please donate now. A regular donation each month is especially welcome.

Donations and Donors

Sponsor a server

The response has been wonderful. A total of 4,461 has been donated for the servers. Gift Aid should add about another 1,000. The servers cost 5,148 so there should be a small excess that will contribute to the additional operational expenses.

Amounts received:- 1 @ 750; 1 @ 250; 1 @ 200; 1 @ 120; 22 @ 100. Smaller amounts (but equally welcome) make up the balance. These smaller amounts include 50 from a donor in the Czech Republic and 24 from a donor in Austria.

Thanking donors

Everyone who has made a donation since 1st January, 2015 is being thanked individually. All new donors will receive a thank you.

There has been some discussion about listing the names of donors on the site. Those whom have asked to be named only want to be named if the majority of donors wish to be named. However only a small percentage of donors have asked to be named.

Most donors who did wish to be named have announced their donation on the previous thread Sponsor a Server.

Anyone who wishes to be named and who is not already named on the Sponsor a Server thread should, if they wish, announce their donation on this thread.

Michael Dibb
Posted by Michael Dibb on Thu, 14 May (9 comments)

Register for Aberystwyth

Interest in the 2015 Geograph Conference and AGM is gathering momentum. The date is Saturday 27 June. There are get-togethers, walks and meals organised for Friday afternoon and evening, Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

It's an occasion for celebrating Geograph's 10th birthday and for looking ahead. Register here

Rolling news and forum pages, also Event page
Posted by Robin Stott on Wed, 6 May (5 comments)

Site Online - Mostly

Hopefully the site is back online, and mostly functional.

A certain proportion of images are not available. Not lost, just inaccessible. They will be restored over the course of the afternoon.

A full postmortum of this event will be available later, for now, the short version is: Two servers accidently currupted in the early hours of this morning. We engineer for loss of one, but two was too much. As luck woudl have it we recent got the two new servers, so they are being rushed into service, imaegs are being copied from the disks of the failed machines right now.
Posted by Barry Hunter on Fri, 24 Apr (47 comments)

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