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Donations appeal

The main reason the Geograph project has been so successful for so long is that Barry Hunter has given thousands of hours of his time to the project. Without him, the project would simply not be here.

Barry has been responsible for nearly all the recent and ongoing site development. Additionally he does nearly all the tasks required to keep the web site operational – known as system administration. I know that he enjoys developing the site. I also know that he finds much of the system administration work both tedious and time consuming – time he could utilise better in more development.

The trustees have tried to find volunteers for this system administration work without success and so it was decided that a suitable outside company must be found to free Barry from much of the drudgery.

An annual contract has been signed with a company called Tiger Computing and they will take over the system administration. We initially signed a contract for three months to test if they were satisfactory – and they have been.

The cost will be £6,775 annually. This will make the total cost of running the Geograph website around £16,500 per year and we need to substantially increase our income to enable us to meet these costs.

All our income, apart from very little interest earned, is from donations. Consequently this is an appeal for donations from everyone who uses the site.

Since the beginning of the year, 875 registered users have uploaded images.

As at the end of November, only 36 people are making regular monthly donations. During the 11 months to the end of November only 48 people had made one or more ‘one-off’ donations. All these donations have been gratefully received.

However, it can be seen that only a small percentage of those submitting images are contributing money to keep the site running and the percentage donating regularly is even smaller.

Many seem to think that contributing images or moderating images is enough and that they don’t need to contribute money. Some of the most prolific contributors and, indeed, some of the most regular vociferous posters on the forum have never contributed a penny. Whilst the efforts of volunteers of all kinds are needed and appreciated, and go to make Geograph what it is, the site cannot run without money.

It is proving incredibly difficult to attract sponsorship. Likewise with grants. If donations do not cover Geograph’s running expenses then it will become necessary to consider other ways of generating income such as subscriptions or advertising.

Become a donor or even better, a regular donor. Click on the ‘Donate now’ button on the home page and help to ensure the future of Geograph.

Michael Dibb
Trustee - Treasurer
Posted by Michael Dibb on Mon, 5 Dec (146 comments)


When we met in January this year we decided to email members of Geograph Project Limited with a summary of each board meeting, thereby realising a long-standing intention. The first newsletter went out on 1 February and four more have followed. At our meeting on 22 November we decided that there would be benefit in posting each newsletter here as a news item once the minutes were in good shape. Company members will continue to receive newsletters by email.

Here is the link to Newsletter 6, which reports the trustees' deliberations of 27 September. Six! Where does the time go?

If you would like to catch up or revisit earlier issues, they're here:
Newsletter 1, Newsletter 2, Newsletter 3, Newsletter 4, Newsletter 5.
We welcome all feedback at

If you would like to enjoy the rights of a company member, go to your profile, click 'Edit my Profile', scroll down to the end, click the link to the company mini-site, then click 'Contact a Membership Secretary'.
Posted by Geograph Trustees on Sat, 26 Nov (0 comments)

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