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NY8413 : South Stainmore by Roger Foyle
NY8613 : A66 near South Stainmore by Andrew Abbott
NY8610 : Cattle grid at South Stainmore by Ian S
NY8610 : Cattle grid east of Black Scar, South Stainmore by Neil Theasby
NY8611 : Moudy Mea, South Stainmore by David Brown
NY8412 : St Stephen's Church, South Stainmore by David Rogers
NY8312 : Lane to South Stainmore by Stephen McKay
NY8612 : The road to South Stainmore by Karl and Ali
NY8414 : Banks Gate by Andy Farrington
NY8514 : View of Great Knipe by Mick Garratt
NY8614 : Moorland tarn, summit of Great Knipe by Karl and Ali
NY8613 : Pool, Argill Beck by Karl and Ali
NY8613 : Footbridge over Blackhause Sike by David Brown
NY8713 : Maiden Castle, near Brough, Cumbria by David Medcalf
NY8514 : Waterfall on Smeltmill Beck by David Brown
NY8714 : The wall descending from Great Knipe to Yard Sike by Karl and Ali
NY8413 : Cattle grid and gate, Stainmore by David Brown
NY8213 : Ordnance Survey Triangulation Pillar Plaque by Peter Wood
NY8714 : Black Tewthwaite by David Brown
NY8714 : Peat banks on Black Tewthwaite by Trevor Littlewood
NY8615 : Approaching the wall corner by Karl and Ali
NY8213 : Long Rigg by T W Eyre
NY8213 : Argill Beck by David Brown
NY8813 : Beldoo Moss by Andrew Smith
NY8613 : The road to Black Riggs by Christine Johnstone
NY8613 : Slapstones by N Chadwick
NY8313 : Footbridge over Argill Beck by John Darch
NY8713 : The valley of Yard Sike by Karl and Ali
NY8313 : Across Argill to Cragg House by David Brown
NY8514 : A66 east approaching Slapestones by John Firth
NY8414 : Side Wind on the A66 by Andy Farrington
NY8713 : Sheepfold beside Yard Sike by Karl and Ali
NY8514 : Moles on Stainmore by Bob Jenkins
NY8813 : Wall on Beldoo Moss by David Brown
NY8414 : Banks Gate by Andy Farrington
NY8514 : Your Cafe, A66 by N Chadwick
NY8414 : The dogs of Low Dowgill by Karl and Ali
NY8614 : Little Knipe from Great Knipe by Karl and Ali
NY8413 : Cascade on Argill Beck by Karl and Ali
NY8414 : Waterfall, Dowgill Beck by Karl and Ali
NY8613 : Until 1993, the A66 above Blackhause Sike by Christine Johnstone
NY8614 : Great Knipe by David Brown
NY8615 : Gritstone boulders by Karl and Ali
NY8414 : Junction for Borrenthwaite Hall by John Firth
NY8615 : Boundary stone beside fence line by Trevor Littlewood
NY8613 : Yard Sike by Karl and Ali
NY8713 : Maiden Castle by David Brown
NY8715 : Boundary Fence on Little Dodd above red Gill Moss by David Brown
NY8414 : Waterfall in Dowgill by peter robinson
NY8615 : Shepherds Shelter by David Brown
NY8513 : Slapestones, immediately adjoining the A66 by Carol Rose
NY8414 : Road to Borrenthwaite Hall by Andy Farrington
NY8613 : The A66 near Brough by David Medcalf
NY8513 : Barrenthwaite (or Borrenthwaite) Hall by Karl and Ali
NY8412 : Remains of Mousegill Viaduct by Matthew Hatton

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