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NY2107 : Scafell Pike trig point in winter raiment by Andy Waddington
NY1811 : Walking up to Black Sail pass by Richard Law
NY2107 : The Scafells by Andy Stephenson
NY1808 : Sheep grazing in Upper Wasdale (4) by N Chadwick
NY2006 : Mickledore and Lord's Rake by T Thirkle
NY1908 : Great Gable from near Burnthwaite by Nigel Brown
NY2006 : Summit Cairn, Scafell by N Chadwick
NY2006 : Snow on Scafell by Karl and Ali
NY2007 : Rocky ascent up Brown Tongue by Peter S
NY2109 : Dry Tarn, Great Gable by Karl and Ali
NY2107 : Ascending Scafell Pike by Michael Graham
NY1608 : Waterfall, Over Beck by Michael Graham
NY2006 : Boulder Field, Scafell by N Chadwick
NY1909 : Lingmell Beck and Kirk Fell by Arthur Ramshaw
NY1408 : Ladcrag Beck  by Michael Graham
NY1807 : Northern shore of Wastwater by Philip Halling
NY2006 : Brocken spectre on Scafells summit by steven ruffles
NY2006 : On Scafell by Michael Graham
NY1808 : Down in the Dale by Nigel Brown
NY1711 : Mosedale From Pillar by Michael Graham
NY2107 : Sheep under Broad Crag by Michael Graham
NY1610 : Scoat Tarn by Michael Graham
NY1808 : MGA car by Philip Halling
NY2005 : Slight Side by David Gruar
NY1509 : Nether Beck by Michael Graham
NY1608 : Bield above Over Beck by Michael Graham
NY2109 : The flanks of Great Gable from above Sty Head by Matt Eastham
NY2006 : Mickledore and Scafell Crag by K  A
NY2208 : Great End by Michael Graham
NY2109 : Sty Head by Philip Halling
NY1611 : Red Pike summit by Peter S
NY1708 : Sheepfold above Wasdale Head by Michael Graham
NY1707 : Woodland by Wastwater by N Chadwick
NY1509 : Nether Beck by steven ruffles
NY2007 : Path Works by Michael Graham
NY1806 : View Towards Wasdale Head by Peter Trimming
NY1707 : Scafell Pike looking towards Wastwater by Ken Crosby
NY2107 : Scafell Pike summit view by Peter S
NY1911 : Kirk Fell Crags by Alan Donovan
NY1808 : Ritson's Bar, Wasdale Head Inn, slopes of Yewbarrow behind by Andrew Hill
NY2009 : Climbing up Great Gable by N Chadwick
NY1710 : Mosedale Beck by Michael Graham
NY1408 : Ruined Fence Corner, Nether Beck by Mick Garratt
NY1708 : On Yewbarrow by Michael Graham
NY1611 : Windy Gap by Colin Kinnear
NY1507 : On Middle Fell by Michael Graham
NY1607 : Footpath above Over Beck by John Lord
NY1807 : Sheep grazing in Wasdale by N Chadwick
NY1607 : The valley of Over Beck by Andrew Smith
NY2009 : Wastwater from  Great Gable by Peter S
NY2106 : Mickledore leading from Scafell Pike to Broad Stand by John Dyason
NY1807 : Brackenclose, Head of Wastwater and Scafell. by Peter Ward
NY2106 : Ascent of Foxes Tarn Gully by John Dyason
NY2006 : Looking to Lord's Rake from West Wall Traverse by Charles Rispin
NY1807 : NT Campsite, Wasdale. by Richard Webb
NY2108 : Piers Gill by Michael Graham
NY1606 : Wastwater from Scafell Pike by N Chadwick

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