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NF7173 : A footbridge to the beach by Richard Law
TQ8485 : Leigh Footbridge by Glyn Baker
NB0433 : Footbridge at Uig Sands by Colin Smith
SS6492 : Swansea beach and remains of footbridge by Steve Rigg
TG5203 : Gorleston-on-Sea: bridge to the beach by Chris Downer
SS0197 : Wooden footbridge at the edge of Freshwater East beach by Jaggery
ST5484 : M49 Motorway - footbridge east of Severn Beach by J Whatley
NZ8812 : Upgang Beach by Pauline E
TQ2104 : Footbridge to Shoreham Beach by Malc McDonald
NJ2370 : East Beach Footbridge at High Tide by Anne Burgess
TQ2104 : Footbridge to Shoreham Beach by Paul Gillett
SD3032 : Ramp to footbridge, Blackpool Pleasure Beach station by Robin Stott
TQ2104 : Footbridge to Shoreham Beach by Malc McDonald
Q3805 : Footbridge on the Dingle Way by Oliver Dixon
SX6937 : Footbridge, Soar Mill Cove by jeff collins
SN3610 : Ferryside railway station level crossing  and footbridge by Jaggery
SJ1482 : Ffynnongroyw footbridge by Dot Potter
Q3700 : Footbridge on the Dingle Way by Oliver Dixon
SW7760 : Footbridge over the stream by Steve Daniels
TR3040 : Dover, Footbridge Western Heights Beach by Helmut Zozmann
TQ8735 : Footbridge before the London Beach Golf Course by David Anstiss
SC3089 : Ford and footbridge, Glen Mooar by Jim Barton
NK0660 : Footbridge on coastal path, near Netherton by David Hawgood
Q3700 : Stream on Ventry Strand by Oliver Dixon
NJ2370 : The mouth of the Lossie by Richard Dorrell
SD3032 : Ramp to Ventnor Road, Blackpool Pleasure Beach station by Robin Stott
SZ2990 : Footbridge to Hurst Beach by David Lally
ST5484 : Footbridge over a reedbed  by Robin Stott
NZ1860 : The new Butterfly bridge at Winlaton Mill by Robert Graham
NH4992 : Beach above the Carron gorge by Andy Waddington
SC2279 : Beach at the foot of Glen Maye by Donald Champion
SS2016 : Footbridge over stream, Yeol Mouth by Rob Noble
TR3040 : Dover, Footbridge at Western Heights Beach. by Helmut Zozmann
SX7536 : Footbridge on the coast path by jeff collins
SY1687 : Descent to the beach, Weston Mouth by Derek Harper
TQ8585 : Chalkwell Beach by John Myers
NZ9503 : Footbridge over Stoupe Beck by Pauline E
NG3435 : Ardtreck Burn and footbridge by Richard Dorrell
SN0239 : The footbridge at Aberfforest by ceridwen
NU2516 : The mouth of Howick Burn by Graham Robson
TA3624 : Footbridge on footpath to Holmpton Beach by Andy Beecroft
NL9344 : Sandaig: crossing the stream to reach Greenhill Beach by Chris Downer
SY5286 : Footpath through West Bexington Nature Reserve by Becky Williamson
NZ4836 : Footbridge over Crimdon Beck by Oliver Dixon
TQ8735 : Footbridge and steps near London Beach Golf Course by David Anstiss
TF9744 : Footbridge to the beach, Stiffkey saltmarsh by Evelyn Simak
J4836 : Footbridge over stream flowing on to Tyrella Beach by Eric Jones
SS5187 : Footbridge over the outflow from Oxwich Marsh by Bill Boaden
TR0520 : Footbridge near Dungeness Branch Line by David Anstiss
NZ8811 : Footbridge, Golf Club Whitby by Michael Graham
SX1496 : Crackington Haven by Paul Dixon
SH5917 : Llanaber Beach, and sea defences by Barry Hunter
NS3219 : River Doon Millennium Bridge, Ayr by Oliver Dixon
SH5622 : Morfa Dyffryn by Roger W Haworth
SH9278 : Abergele Roads / Angorfa Abergele by Dot Potter
SW8161 : Footbridge by Steve Parker
ST0044 : The Hawn - Dunster Beach West Somerset by David Meredith

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