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SD7790 : Swaledale sheep in Garsdale by Greg Fitchett
SD6194 : Swaledale sheep and the Howgill Fells by Karl and Ali
NY5214 : Swaledale lambs by Swindale Lane by Karl and Ali
SE1198 : View of Lower Swaledale by Paul Buckingham
NY8906 : Swaledale sheep near Tan Hill by Maigheach-gheal
SD5893 : Swaledale sheep at Lambrigg Fell (2) by Karl and Ali
SE0598 : Swaledale view by Bill Harrison
SD4890 : Swaledale ewes at Barrowfield by Karl and Ali
SD4744 : Young Swaledale sheep at Cragg Farm by Karl and Ali
SD9097 : Swaledale Woollens by Bill Harrison
SD6886 : Swaledale sheep, High Lathe Gill by Karl and Ali
SD7176 : Sunset Swaledale above Twisleton Scars by Karl and Ali
SD4697 : Swaledale sheep at Sidegarth near Staveley by Karl and Ali
SE0699 : Swaledale ewe, Marrick by Maigheach-gheal
SD6194 : Swaledale sheep and the Howgill Fells by Karl and Ali
SD7884 : Swaledale Ewes On Wold Fell by Rude Health
SD5199 : Swaledale rams in Longsleddale by Karl and Ali
NY4614 : A Swaledale sheep on Long Grain by Karl and Ali
SE0699 : Swaledale sheep, Marrick by Maigheach-gheal
NY7423 : Swaledale sheep on Murton Fell by Karl and Ali
SE0399 : Swaledale by Bill Harrison
SD6975 : Swaledale sheep above Kingsdale by Karl and Ali
SE0399 : North side of Swaledale by Bill Harrison
NZ0201 : Hungry Swaledales, Arkengarthdale by Karl and Ali
SD5893 : Swaledale sheep at Lambrigg Fell by Karl and Ali
SD9098 : Flock of sheep feeding in Swaledale by Christine Johnstone
SD9197 : Swaledale Sheep and Lambs by Mick Garratt
SD9097 : Swaledale Woollens, Muker by Christine Johnstone
NY8800 : Swaledale ram at Angram by Karl and Ali
SD9398 : Swaledale sheep in Swaledale pasture by Christine Johnstone
SD9198 : 'A Pennine Journey' in Swaledale by Christine Johnstone
SD7175 : Swaledale sheep and Ingleborough by Karl and Ali
SE0399 : Looking up Swaledale by Bill Harrison
SD9098 : Flagged footpath crossing Swaledale meadow by Christine Johnstone
SE0498 : Swaledale eve with lambs by Bill Harrison
SE0497 : Swaledale summer evening by Bill Harrison
SE7296 : Swaledale sheep at the Rosedale Show, 2012 by Pauline E
SE0498 : Sheep in Swaledale by Bill Harrison
SE0399 : Interlopers in Swaledale by Bill Harrison
SD9598 : Gunnerside and Swaledale by M J Richardson
SD9097 : Field barns and dry stone walls, Swaledale by Bill Harrison
SD9097 : Stone Barn at Muker in Swaledale by I Love Colour
NY9000 : Ruined house and barn, Rukin Wood upper Swaledale by Karl and Ali
SD9099 : Upper Swaledale by Mick Garratt
NY7058 : Shorn Swaledales near Burn House by Mike Quinn
SD8998 : Thwaite, Swaledale by wfmillar
SD9394 : Oxnop Scar : Swaledale by Hugh Mortimer
NZ1302 : East Applegarth and Swaledale Caravan Park from Whitcliff Scar by Joe Regan
SD8898 : Pennine Way descending towards Swaledale (3) by Chris Heaton
SD9896 : Above Swaledale near Hunt House by Philip Halling
NY9000 : Crackpot Hall and Swaledale by Gordon Hatton
SE2397 : Village Green, Catterick Village by Oliver Dixon
NY9166 : Warden Gorge in highish water by Andy Waddington
NY9000 : Crackpot Hall, Swaledale by Colin Fossdyke
SD9898 : Feetham by Andy Beecroft
SD6678 : Iron Kiln Hole (Notts Pot 2 ) Entrance by Andy Waddington
SD8796 : Buttertubs Pass by Gerald England
SD8790 : The pavilion, Hawes Cricket Club by David Pickersgill

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