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NM7512 : Dramatic Sky at Ardinamir Fort by Alex Shairp
NM7512 : Road end at Ardinamir by Gordon Hatton
NM7512 : Ardinamir Bay by Steve Houldsworth
NM7511 : Ardinamir Bay and Torsa by Jackie Proven
NM7512 : End of the road at Ardinamir Bay by Eileen Henderson
NM7512 : Ardinamir Bay by Steven Brown
NM7512 : Moored boats, Ardinamir Bay by Gordon Hatton
NM7512 : Trough and Byre, near Ardinamir, Luing by Donald MacDonald
NM7512 : Ripples in Ardinamir Bay by Alex Shairp
NM7511 : Minor road to Ardinamir by Steven Brown
NM7511 : The lane to Ardinamir, Luing by David Purchase
NM7512 : Iron Age hill fort, Ardinamir by Donald MacDonald
NM7512 : An Iron Age hill fort on Luing by Walter Baxter

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