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SE8220 : Christmas tree spinney by Glyn Drury
SE8421 : Teasels by Steve  Fareham
SE8220 : Cow Lane towards Garthorpe by Glyn Drury
SE8420 : Ploughed Earth by Roger Gilbertson
SE8421 : All Saints Church in Adlingfleet by Mat Fascione
SE8522 : A Huge Reedbed by Roger Gilbertson
SE8421 : Barns, Adlingfleet by Jonathan Thacker
SE8220 : Ride in Stripe Close Plantation by Glyn Drury
SE8220 : Cattle grid at the entrance to Cow Lane, Adlingfleet Common by Jonathan Thacker
SE8421 : Farm Buildings by Roger Gilbertson
SE8621 : Information on the Trent river bank by Mat Fascione
SE8320 : Broadmarsh well by Glyn Drury
SE8522 : Another View Of The Reeds by Roger Gilbertson
SE8621 : View east across the River Trent by Mat Fascione
SE8521 : Adlingfleet Drain by Ian S
SE8522 : Looking Towards Alkborough by Roger Gilbertson
SE8322 : Two bushes ! by Jonathan Thacker
SE8420 : All Saints' Church by Richard Croft
SE8420 : All Saints' church tower by Richard Croft
SE8520 : Earth And Sky by Roger Gilbertson
SE8321 : Beneath the wires by Jonathan Thacker
SE8420 : Leaving Adlingfleet to the south on a wet winter evening by Chris
SE8320 : Broadmarsh Well by Jonathan Thacker
SE8522 : The river path turns right to follow the River Trent south by Ian S
SE8220 : Christmas Tree Spinney ( planted 1982) by Glyn Drury
SE8621 : Gate along the River Trent floodbank by Mat Fascione
SE8420 : The Old Rectory, Adlingfleet by David Wright
SE8520 : Adlingfleet bridleway by Steve  Fareham
SE8522 : After the harvest by Steve  Fareham
SE8621 : River Trent floodbank by JThomas
SE8421 : Hoggard Lane towards Adlingfleet by Mat Fascione
SE8420 : Farmland south of Adlingfleet by JThomas
SE8321 : Pylon line crossing field south of Ousefleet by Trevor Littlewood
SE8220 : A Sunny Interlude by Roger Gilbertson
SE8522 : Taller Than The Reeds by Roger Gilbertson
SE8522 : Farmland, Adlingfleet Ings by JThomas
SE8421 : Houses near Garthorpe Grange by Ian S
SE8422 : Reedy road to Ousefleet on a winter evening by Chris
SE8320 : Adlingfleet Drain Pump by Glyn Drury
SE8321 : Beneath the wires (2) by Jonathan Thacker
SE8420 : Swarth Ends Lane by Glyn Drury
SE8520 : Wheat field by Jonathan Thacker
SE8220 : Cow Lane, (Adlingfleet Common) by Jonathan Thacker
SE8522 : Farm Track to Bosomcross by Glyn Drury
SE8422 : Public Footpath next to Adlingfleet Drain by David Wright
SE8220 : Looking Towards Stripe Close Plantation by Roger Gilbertson
SE8521 : Two deer in the middle of a field by Ian S
SE8522 : View across the fields towards Garthorpe by Jonathan Thacker
SE8621 : Navigation beacon along the west bank of the River Trent by Mat Fascione
SE8521 : All This Could Disappear by Roger Gilbertson
SE8322 : Officially the dullest Geograph square in the UK. by Robin Hall
SE8322 : Boring ?  is this really the dullest square in Britain? by Glyn Drury
SE8322 : All interesting stuff?  Britains dullest square by Glyn Drury
SE8621 : A wet square by Steve Parker
SE8422 : Un-named drain - about as exciting as this square gets.  Really. by Robin Hall
SE8420 : Tomb of Francis Haldenby by Richard Croft
SE8522 : River Trent embankment by Steve  Fareham
SE8322 : The dull square taken from the field inside the square by Ian S

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