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NY5752 : Middle Top by Peter McDermott
NY5652 : O.S. Trig point on Cardunneth Pike by David Brown
NY5252 : Farmland, Carlatton by Andrew Smith
NY5452 : Albyfield Farm Near Cumrew, taken from my Paraglider by John Watson
NY5353 : Muddy gateway, to a field of winter barley by Alexander P Kapp
NY5351 : Country Lane towards B6413 by Alex McGregor
NY5451 : Jacobs Sheep with lambs near Cumrew by Barry Boxer
NY5451 : Pastures, Cumrew by Andrew Smith
NY5352 : Pastures and pond, Carlatton by Andrew Smith
NY5652 : Cumrew Fell by Rude Health
NY5353 : Longdyke Farm by Peter McDermott
NY5753 : View towards Old Water Valley by Les Hull
NY5252 : Fields near Black Dub farm by Oliver Dixon
NY5552 : Cardunneth Fell by David Brown
NY5452 : Albyfield sunset by Andrew Smith
NY5552 : Thomas Armstrong's cairn by David Brown
NY5353 : Moving sheep between fields, Longdyke Farm by Karl and Ali
NY5652 : The unmarked 483 top of Cumrew Fell by David Brown
NY5753 : Pumping Station, Old and New Water, Geltsdale by Les Hull
NY5451 : Hedgerow near Saughtreegate by Oliver Dixon
NY5551 : Lower slopes of Cumrew Fell by David Brown
NY5351 : Barn and copse, Saughtreegate by Andrew Smith
NY5753 : Weir on Old Water by David Liddle
NY5852 : Sheepfold below Middle Top by Les Hull
NY5353 : Farm buildings at Longdyke Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY5352 : Black Dub by Peter McDermott
NY5452 : Pastures, Albyfield by Andrew Smith
NY5652 : Trig and wall on Cumrew Fell by Trevor Littlewood
NY5752 : Old sheepfold on Cumrew Fell by David Brown
NY5451 : Wary male Jacobs sheep by Barry Boxer
NY5651 : Cumrew Fell by David Brown
NY5252 : Carlatton Demesne by Alexander P Kapp
NY5552 : Thomas Armstrong's cairn built 1961 by David Brown
NY5852 : Middle Top by Peter McDermott
NY5452 : The road to Brackenthwaite by Oliver Dixon
NY5453 : Farmland by Brackenthwaite by David Brown
NY5653 : Featureless moorland on Cumrew Fell by David Brown
NY5253 : Sheep at Carrock Fell farm by Oliver Dixon
NY5653 : East side of Cumrew Fell by David Brown
NY5451 : Pastures, Cumrew by Andrew Smith
NY5253 : The Road to Black Dub by Alexander P Kapp
NY5652 : The Trig Point on Cumrew Fell by Malcolm Jones
NY5553 : Hespeck Raise by David Brown
NY5852 : Bridleway leading to Middle Top and Lord's Seat by Les Hull
NY5252 : Field with cattle near Carlatton Demesne by Oliver Dixon
NY5453 : Brackenthwaite by Peter McDermott
NY5351 : Saughtreegate by Peter McDermott
NY5551 : Cardunneth Pike by Barry Boxer
NY5352 : Pastures, Carlatton by Andrew Smith
NY5753 : Ford across Old Water at Geltsdale Pumping Station by Jonathan Adams
NY5753 : Geltsdale House by Les Hull
NY5753 : Pumping Station at Geltsdale by Jonathan Adams

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