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SO2385 : Field near Three Birches by Tim Marshall
SO2085 : Cattle Grid at the Crossways by Row17
SO2386 : Farmland above Barretts in the Clun Forest. by Philip Halling
SO2386 : The Clun Forest by Philip Halling
SO2385 : View from Caer-din Ring in May by Jeremy Bolwell
SO2285 : Cwm Moch by Philip Halling
SO2186 : Stream across the path by Dave Croker
SO2484 : Field edge path in Maytime by Jeremy Bolwell
SO2185 : Pond on Bicton Hill by Philip Halling
SO2085 : Field of sheep, Crossways near Newcastle on Clun by nick macneill
SO2185 : Sheep racks on Bicton Hill by Philip Halling
SO2386 : Cattle grid at the junction by Dave Croker
SO2185 : Rhos Fiddle by Graham Horn
SO2383 : A road to Ale Oak Grange by Row17
SO2286 : View to the Kerry Ridgeway by Philip Halling
SO2085 : Rhos Fiddle pool by Geoff Cryer
SO2386 : High pasture in May by Jeremy Bolwell
SO2185 : Highland cattle on Rhos Fiddle by Row17
SO2184 : Cattle Grid on Folly Bank by Row17
SO2283 : Entrance to Stone House Farm by Row17
SO2285 : Road Sign at Brook House by Tim Marshall
SO2485 : Approaching Caer-din Ring by Jeremy Bolwell
SO2284 : Driveway to Follybank by Row17
SO2184 : Ale Oak Cottage by toby everard
SO2184 : Country road from Ale Oak to Crossways by Oliver Dixon
SO2384 : Towards The Gogin by Graham Horn
SO2186 : Path above Cwm Moch by Dave Croker
SO2085 : Road beside Rhos Fiddle by Philip Halling
SO2085 : Highland Cattle on the Nature Reserve by toby everard
SO2386 : Five Ways not four. by Row17
SO2085 : Rail Express Parcels by Brown
SO2285 : Brook House by Graham Horn
SO2384 : Gogin Cottage by toby everard
SO2086 : Cantlin Stone by Philip Halling
SO2384 : Folley Farm by Graham Horn
SO2384 : Gogin Ford by John Walton
SO2286 : Road above Cwm Moch by Philip Halling
SO2386 : Snap! Twin calves by Jeremy Bolwell
SO2185 : Pond near the top of Bicton Hill by Row17
SO2383 : Pasture below Caldy Bank by Graham Horn
SO2484 : Unclassified Road near Lake House Ground by Tim Marshall
SO2484 : Proceed with caution by Jeremy Bolwell
SO2284 : Someone is playing silly so-and-sos by Row17
SO2085 : On Rhos Fiddle Nature Reserve by Jeremy Bolwell
SO2285 : Road at Brook House looking towards Two Crosses by Tim Marshall
SO2485 : Metal kissing gate in a secluded valley in Shropshire by Jeremy Bolwell
SO2184 : Lane to Brynmawr by Row17
SO2385 : High in the Shropshire borders by Jeremy Bolwell
SO2186 : Land near Cwm Moch by Dave Croker
SO2085 : Sunlight on the Wales-England borderlands by Jeremy Bolwell
SO2086 : The Kerry Ridgeway. by John Horner
SO2086 : The Botfield Cross and Cantlin Stone, Kerry Ridgeway by Philip Halling
SO2386 : Dead end, dead shot! by Dave Croker
SO2286 : Cool water in the woods by Dave Croker
SO2286 : Bridleway towards Kerry Ridgeway by toby everard

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