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SW7949 : The entrance to Nanteague Farm by Rod Allday
SW7848 : East towards Choon by Tony Atkin
SW8048 : Bridge over the stream at Ninnis by Rod Allday
SW8048 : Field near Allet by Rod Allday
SW7948 : Allet Methodist Church by Tony Atkin
SW8048 : Power Lines by Tony Atkin
SW7848 : Houses at Hillview Farm by Tony Atkin
SW7948 : The end of a Quiet Lane by Tony Atkin
SW7949 : Cars for sale by Robert Ashby
SW7948 : Roadside produce stall at Allet by Rod Allday
SW8048 : Old Milestone by Ian Thompson
SW7848 : Old Milestone by Ian Thompson
SW7948 : Old Milestone by Ian Thompson
SW7948 : Car park at the entrance to Five Acres at Allet by Rod Allday
SW8048 : The road to Allet by Rod Allday
SW7948 : Methodist chapel by Paul Barnett
SW7948 : Possible former chapel by Paul Barnett
SW7848 : Bridlepath crosses stream by Elizabeth Scott
SW8048 : Caravans at Trevellan Farm, Shortlanesend, Truro by Chris J Dixon
SW7948 : Windpump near Allet by Tony Atkin
SW7848 : Choon by Elizabeth Scott
SW7949 : Car sales alongside the A30 near Marazanvose by Fred James
SW7848 : The Start of a Bridleway by Tony Atkin
SW8048 : Large House near Shortlanesend by Tony Atkin

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