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TL0535 : Flitton Church and surrounds by Peter Roberts
TL0238 : Katherine's Cross by Paul Dixon
TL0439 : The Signpost by Dennis simpson
TL0338 : The Queens Head, Ampthill by JThomas
TL0237 : Ampthill, Cooper's Hill by Mike Faherty
TL0139 : Wheat field near to Lower Farm by Peter S
TL0538 : Sign for the White Hart at Maulden by JThomas
TL0239 : Spot the hare by Dennis simpson
TL0138 : Former Chapel by Dennis simpson
TL0338 : Alameda Restaurant by Dennis simpson
TL0535 : Flitton Village Hall by Nigel Cox
TL0237 : Allotment Gardens by Dennis simpson
TL0338 : Williams and Co solicitors on Woburn Road Ampthill by Philip Jeffrey
TL0439 : Old trailer by Barry Ephgrave
TL0435 : Battered farm sheds by Folly Farm by Philip Jeffrey
TL0436 : The A507, Ampthill by David Howard
TL0137 : Traffic  free  road  to  the  Activity  Centre  Center  Parcs by Martin Dawes
TL0336 : Interesting Graffiti by Barry Ephgrave
TL0239 : Footpath Marker. by Dennis simpson
TL0235 : Approaching roundabout on Froghall Road by JThomas
TL0536 : Footpath to Flitton by Dennis simpson
TL0538 : Maulden, St Mary by Dave Kelly
TL0138 : Farm buildings near Millbrook by Paul Dixon
TL0135 : The sign of The French Horn by David Lally
TL0536 : A507 - west bound by Barry Ephgrave
TL0339 : Houghton House south side and main entrance by Dennis Jackson
TL0338 : The White Hart, Ampthill by JThomas
TL0435 : Moat by Dennis simpson
TL0436 : Roundabout on the A507, Ampthill by David Howard
TL0338 : Ampthill old fire station by Kevin Hale
TL0137 : Grassy knoll on Fordfield Road by David Howard
TL0339 : Houghton House - Within the Grounds by Martin
TL0335 : Windmill Road, Flitwick by Rob Farrow
TL0439 : Protected Area? by Dennis simpson
TL0336 : Poppy fields by Barry Ephgrave
TL0435 : Elizabeth II postbox on Hatfield Road, Flitwick by JThomas
TL0135 : Power Lines and Poppies by Dennis simpson
TL0238 : Flying by Dennis simpson
TL0138 : From Warren Farm to Millbrook by Paul Dixon
TL0336 : Redborne School by Mark Anderson
TL0338 : St. Andrew the Apostle, Ampthill by Cameraman
TL0338 : Ampthill, obelisk by Mike Faherty
TL0535 : Footpath through Flitwick Moor by Philip Jeffrey
TL0135 : Peakes End, Steppingley by Rob Farrow
TL0538 : St. Mary the Virgin, Maulden by Rob Farrow
TL0239 : Hay Bales by David Lally
TL0239 : Ampthill Park House by Paul Dixon
TL0535 : St. John the Baptist, Flitton by Rob Farrow
TL0237 : Tavistock Avenue, Ampthill by Mark Anderson
TL0135 : Pylon in field  by JThomas
TL0238 : Ampthill Park by Peter Roberts
TL0338 : Pillbox outside Ampthill by Paul Dixon
TL0439 : King's Wood near Ampthill by Paul Dixon
TL0135 : The French Horn, Steppingley by Rob Farrow
TL0238 : Ampthill Park by Paul Dixon

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