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SW5928 : OS benchmark - Hendra Vean, outbuilding by Richard Law
SW6028 : The Lion & Lamb pub, Ashton by Mari Buckley
SW6028 : Junction of roads at Rinsley Croft by Peter Wood
SW6028 : A394 Ashton Cornwall Village Sign by Roy Hughes
SW6028 : Lion and Lamb inn, Ashton by David Smith
SW6027 : A minor road junction at Trewithick by Richard Law
SW6028 : Church of the Annunciation by Paul Barnett
SW6028 : Bus stop and shelter, Ashton by David Smith
SW5928 : OS benchmark - Tresowes Green, Lighthouse Cottage by Richard Law
SW6027 : Field at Trewithick by Rod Allday
SW5928 : A394 entering Ashton by John Firth
SW6027 : Beacon Road passes Colvorry House by Stuart Logan
SW6028 : The Pink Post Office by Ken Ballinger
SW5928 : Along Trevurvas Lane by Richard Law
SW6028 : Rinsey Lane west of Rinsey Croft by Stuart Logan
SW5928 : Old Milestone by Ian Thompson
SW5928 : OS rivet - Hendra Croft, former tollhouse by Richard Law
SW6028 : OS benchmark - Ashton, Corner House by Richard Law
SW6028 : Former Methodist church by Paul Barnett
SW6028 : Earth wall around Goon Rinsey farm by David Smith
SW5928 : Hendra Lane northeast of Hendra Farm by Stuart Logan
SW6028 : Time to play by Ken Ballinger
SW5928 : A394 at Hendra Croft by John Firth
SW6027 : Potato field near Rinsey by Sheila Russell
SW5928 : Cornwall : The A394 by Lewis Clarke
SW6028 : Mine Shaft by Ken Ballinger
SW5928 : Former tollhouse at Hendra Croft by Richard Law
SW6028 : Lion & Lamb Public House by Mari Buckley
SW5928 : Cornwall : The A394 by Lewis Clarke
SW6027 : Grassy stubble near Rinsey Croft by Richard Law
SW6028 : Field of Corn Marigolds near Penhale Jakes Farm by Rod Allday
SW6027 : Barn near Colvorry Farm by Roddy Urquhart
SW6028 : Mounts Bay terrace by Tim
SW6028 : OS rivet - Ashton milestone by Richard Law
SW5928 : Young shoots of maize in a field at Hendra Croft by Rod Allday
SW6028 : Cornwall : The A394 by Lewis Clarke
SW6027 : Beacon Road near Troon Tanner by Peter Wood
SW6028 : OS milestone at Ashton by Richard Law
SW5928 : Road junction for Tresowes Green by David Smith
SW6028 : The Lion and The Lamb Ashton by John Firth
SW5928 : Lane to Rinsey by Sheila Russell
SW6028 : Ashton milestone beside the A394 by Richard Law
SW6028 : Ashton, Cornwall by Kenneth  Allen
SW6028 : Corn Marigolds (Chrysanthemum segetum) by Rod Allday
SW6028 : Watson filling station in Ashton by David Smith
SW6028 : Ashton : The A394 by Lewis Clarke
SW6028 : The former Ashton Methodist Church by Richard Law
SW6028 : Ashton Village Cornwall by Roy Hughes

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