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NR7620 : HMS Campbeltown steaming for Ailsa Craig by Johnny Durnan
NR7520 : Davaar Island Campbeltown (Scottish Gaelic: Eilean Dà Bhàrr) by Roslyn Ambrose
NR7620 : Davaar Lighthouse by Calum McRoberts
NR7520 : Goats at Submarine Cable Terminal, Davaar by Leslie Barrie
NR7620 : Campbeltown Loch by Johnny Durnan
NR7421 : Undulating coastal prairie above the Campbeltown Loch by C Michael Hogan
NR7620 : Davaar coastline by Leslie Barrie
NR7421 : Grazing sheep in the foreground of Island Davaar by Patrick Mackie
NR7520 : Davaar - Signpost to the Cave Painting by Leslie Barrie
NR7421 : Campbeltown: view of Island Davaar by Chris Downer
NR7620 : Island Davaar Lighthouse by Mary and Angus Hogg
NR7420 : The Doirlinn by Calum McRoberts
NR7520 : Passing vessels. by Johnny Durnan
NR7620 : Davaar Lighthouse by Leslie Barrie
NR7620 : Davaar Island lighthouse by Campbeltown, Kintyre. by Johnny Durnan
NR7421 : B842 looking toward Campbeltown by PAUL FARMER
NR7520 : Island Davaar sunrise. by Colin Kinnear
NR7421 : Entrance to Campbeltown Bay from near Baraskomill by J M Briscoe
NR7421 : Winter Scene By Kilcousland by Johnny Durnan
NR7420 : Path along the shore by Alec MacKinnon
NR7421 : Davaar Island seen from near Baraskomill by J M Briscoe
NR7421 : View to Kilchousland from the B842 by Johnny Durnan
NR7421 : Roadside Bothy east of Baraskomill by Leslie Barrie
NR7420 : Rainbow over the Doirlinn, Campbeltown Loch by Donald MacDonald
NR7420 : The Doirlinn by Oliver Dixon
NR7420 : The Waverley leaving Campbeltown Loch by Christopher Bruce
NR7520 : Davaar Island and NATO jetty in the mist by Bob Jones
NR7520 : Island Davaar View Across To Summit Trig by Rude Health
NR7620 : Davaar Island lighthouse buildings by Johnny Durnan
NR7421 : Cemetery near Campbeltown by Bob Jones
NR7420 : Coastal footpath by Derek Tootill
NR7420 : The European Mariner Enters Campbeltown Loch. by Steve Partridge
NR7520 : Sheep Dip on Davaar by Leslie Barrie
NR7420 : The Doirlinn from the beacon by Oliver Dixon
NR7620 : Island Davaar and Lighthouse by Steve Partridge
NR7420 : Fishing Boat entering Campeltown Loch. by Steve Partridge
NR7620 : Island Davaar lighthouse by Richard Webb
NR7520 : Kildalloig Bay by Calum McRoberts
NR7420 : The Doirlinn Beacon. by Steve Partridge
NR7421 : Shoreline Gateway by Steve Partridge
NR7421 : Mecklure by Leslie Barrie
NR7520 : The Doirlinn from the slopes of Island Davaar by Calum McRoberts
NR7520 : Island Davaar from Gallow Hill by Archie Cochrane
NR7420 : Fishing Vessel Leaving Campbeltown Loch. by Steve Partridge
NR7421 : Island Davaar. by Steve Partridge
NR7421 : Crossibeg by Richard Webb
NR7421 : Looking towards Campbeltown Loch from the B842 by Elliott Simpson
NR7520 : Goats on Island Davaar by Donald MacDonald
NR7421 : Phone Mast near Campbeltown by Becky Williamson
NR7420 : The Doirlinn by Gordon Brown
NR7420 : Island Davaar, Campbeltown Loch by Raymond Okonski
NR7520 : The Doirlinn. by Steve Partridge

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