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SE7128 : Houses in Asselby by Jonathan Thacker
SE7228 : Towards the Windfarm by DS Pugh
SE7128 : East End Farm, Asselby by JThomas
SE7028 : Farm track by Hither Great Field by Jonathan Thacker
SE7228 : Entering Asselby by Chris Morgan
SE7028 : A farm track alongside Hither Great Field by Ian S
SE7127 : Landing lane byway. by Steve  Fareham
SE7227 : Footpath, Farmland and Drain near Asselby by Jonathan Clitheroe
SE7127 : The Howden 20 towards Asselby by Ian S
SE7128 : Gas pipe line marker post (and bike). by Steve  Fareham
SE7028 : Oxen Stang Field, Barmby by Paul Glazzard
SE7127 : Byway near Asselby heading South by JThomas
SE7228 : Farmland close to Knedlington by DS Pugh
SE7128 : Blacksmith Lane, Asselby by Ian S
SE7028 : Field of wheat by DS Pugh
SE7228 : Farmland near Knedlington  by JThomas
SE7127 : Farm Track to Back Lane by Glyn Drury
SE7028 : Pylons, pylons and more pylons. by Steve  Fareham
SE7228 : Minor road towards Asselby by JThomas
SE7128 : A field drain - Asselby Marsh by Neil Theasby
SE7228 : Bales in field by bernard bradley
SE7028 : Farm track near Barmby on the Marsh by Jonathan Thacker
SE7128 : Remains of level crossing, Asselby by Jonathan Thacker
SE7027 : Farm track by Glyn Drury
SE7228 : Track  to  fields  east  of  Asselby by Martin Dawes
SE7028 : Poppies and pylon by Gordon Hatton
SE7028 : Farmland west of Asselby by JThomas
SE7228 : Trees near Asselby by Glyn Drury
SE7128 : Crossing  Farm by Martin Dawes
SE7028 : Farm Track to Fair Field Farm by Glyn Drury
SE7228 : Field boundary near Asselby by Jonathan Thacker
SE7227 : Woodland strip near Knedlington by Peter Church
SE7028 : Farmland near Barmby on the Marsh by DS Pugh
SE7028 : Course of the former Hull and Barnsley Railway by Jonathan Thacker
SE7227 : Footpath and fields near Asselby by Graham Hogg
SE7028 : Barmby Cutting by Paul Glazzard
SE7128 : The Black Swan, Asselby by Gordon Hatton
SE7127 : Landing Lane near Asselby by Jonathan Clitheroe
SE7028 : Greenhouses near Barmby on the Marsh by DS Pugh
SE7028 : Disused railway line. by Steve  Fareham
SE7127 : Ploughed land near Asselby by JThomas
SE7028 : Power lines by bernard bradley
SE7127 : Clayfield Drain by Chris Morgan
SE7228 : East on Main Street, Asselby by Ian S
SE7128 : Crossing Farm by Chris Morgan
SE7228 : View towards Knedlington by DS Pugh
SE7128 : Mount Pleasant by Glyn Drury
SE7027 : On Holycroft Lane heading east by Neil Theasby
SE7027 : Farm track to Asselby by Jonathan Thacker
SE7127 : Down Landing Lane by Chris Morgan
SE7128 : Asselby by DS Pugh
SE7128 : Main Street, Asselby by Paul Glazzard

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