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SJ3927 : Road onto "Baggy Moor" by John Haynes
SJ3927 : Wheat straw awaiting baling by John Haynes
SJ4127 : Country lane at the entrance to Shade Oak by Peter Wood
SJ4027 : Bagley by Richard Webb
SJ4027 : Barn conversion on the edge of Bagley by John Haynes
SJ3927 : Mixed grazing on  Baggy Moor by John Haynes
SJ3927 : Phone box on the edge of "Baggy Moor" by John Haynes
SJ4027 : Cottage with a fresh coat of paint by John Haynes
SJ3927 : Bagley Marsh by Richard Webb
SJ4028 : Mighty oak shades the track by Brownfox
SJ3927 : Lagoons on Bagley Marsh by John Haynes
SJ4027 : Oil Seed Rape on the edge of Bagley by John Haynes
SJ4127 : Shade Oak by John Harding
SJ4027 : Converted chapel at Bagley by Eirian Evans
SJ3927 : Drainage ditch by Eirian Evans
SJ4027 : Junction of roads in Bagley by Peter Wood
SJ4127 : Road near Bagley by Richard Webb
SJ4028 : Little House on the Prairie by Brownfox

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