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SE1738 : Footpath leading off Thackley Road by Betty Longbottom
SE1539 : Baildon Post Office - Westgate by Betty Longbottom
SE1739 : Clog Worn Steps by Derek Parkinson
SE1739 : Conifer planting, Buck Wood by Christine Alvin
SE1539 : Holden Lane at junction with Station Road by Roger Templeman
SE1737 : Crofters Green - Green Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE1638 : Fyfe Grove - Fyfe Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE1441 : Camping field, Sconce, Bingley by Humphrey Bolton
SE1341 : Pylons below Whitecroft Farm by Stephen Craven
SE1739 : Permissive bridleway through Buck Wood, Thackley by Humphrey Bolton
SE1539 : Moravian Institute - Westgate by Betty Longbottom
SE1339 : Flattened bracken above Crooks Farm by Stephen Craven
SE1738 : Harehill Road - Kingston Road by Betty Longbottom
SE1738 : Blenheim Place - Thackley by Betty Longbottom
SE1439 : Heaton Drive - viewed from Somerset Avenue by Betty Longbottom
SE1639 : Langley Lane - viewed from Hollin Head by Betty Longbottom
SE1640 : Tong Park Cricket Field by Richard Kay
SE1740 : Hollins Hall Golf Course by Derek Parkinson
SE1738 : Thackley tunnel side refuge by philld
SE1540 : The White House with Low Hill and the old chapel behind by Linden Milner
SE1638 : Halfway House, Otley Road, Charlestown, Baildon by Humphrey Bolton
SE1340 : Glovershaw Beck, Bingley by Humphrey Bolton
SE1540 : Horse boxes and bales by John Illingworth
SE1540 : Twig causeway, Low Hill, Baildon by Humphrey Bolton
SE1738 : Woodland off Buck Mill Lane by JThomas
SE1538 : Stylistics - Otley Road by Betty Longbottom
SE1540 : Farmland below Moorsides by Christine Johnstone
SE1641 : Narrow footpath leading into Hawksworth by Chris Heaton
SE1539 : Footpath - Salisbury Avenue by Betty Longbottom
SE1341 : Riding track, Birch Close Lane, Bingley by Humphrey Bolton
SE1538 : Ferniehurst recreation ground by Stephen Craven
SE1739 : Old path from canal, Thackley by Rich Tea
SE1441 : Lintels, Sconce, Bingley by Humphrey Bolton
SE1639 : The foot of Langley Lane by Chris Barber
SE1540 : Sandstone Outcrop on Baildon Moor by Richard Kay
SE1641 : Main Street - Hawksworth by Betty Longbottom
SE1540 : Locally walked path crossing Baildon Moor by Peter Wood
SE1440 : Baildon Moor by Stephen Armstrong
SE1539 : Ladderbanks Lane by Humphrey Bolton
SE1739 : Walking along the Leeds to Liverpool Canal #127 by Ian S
SE1737 : Idle Cricket Pavilion - viewed from The Grove by Betty Longbottom
SE1641 : Addingside Farm - Main Street by Betty Longbottom
SE1539 : Brantcliffe Drive - viewed from Hazebrouck Drive by Betty Longbottom
SE1341 : Junction for Birch Close south of Weecher Reservoir by John Slater
SE1639 : Silson Lane - Roundwood Road by Betty Longbottom
SE1440 : Part of the golf course, Baildon by Humphrey Bolton
SE1638 : The Leeds & Liverpool Canal by Paul Glazzard
SE1539 : Netherhall Road - viewed from Strathallan Drive by Betty Longbottom
SE1538 : Footbridge over the River Aire at Shipley by Stephen Armstrong
SE1439 : Hope Gate, Baildon Moor by Humphrey Bolton
SE1539 : Baildon Town Centre (1963) by Humphrey Bolton
SE1539 : Baildon Town Centre by Humphrey Bolton
SE1539 : Lane End, Baildon, after snowfall in January 1963 by Humphrey Bolton
SE1737 : Shaft for Frizinghall to Esholt sewage tunnel by David Spencer
SE1639 : St James's Church from the south, Otley Road, Baildon by Humphrey Bolton
SE1440 : Baildon Moor trig point by David Spencer
SE1641 : Hawksworth Hall by David Spencer
SE1640 : Tong Park war memorial by David Spencer

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