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TL5652 : Fleam Dyke ditch and bank near Dungate Farm by John Sutton
TL5848 : Roman Road by Geoff Pick
TL5850 : Close-up of Balsham village sign by Colin Bell
TL5851 : Harcamlow Way into Balsham by Philip Jeffrey
TL5950 : Footbridge by Keith Evans
TL5649 : Byway along Roman Road by Rob Noble
TL5950 : Junction by Keith Evans
TL5752 : Winter branches at Fleam Dyke by John Sutton
TL5850 : Holy Trinity Church, Balsham by Simon Judd
TL5649 : Oilseed rape crop north east of Hildersham by JThomas
TL5851 : Icknield Way Trail by Philip Jeffrey
TL5751 : Weather vane on Fox End House by Keith Edkins
TL5652 : Access to Fleam Dyke and Dungate Farm by Hugh Venables
TL5850 : Pargetted house in Balsham High Street by Keith Edkins
TL5749 : Drive to Yole Farm by Philip Jeffrey
TL5851 : Grange Farm by John Sutton
TL5650 : Road from Balsham by Hugh Venables
TL5751 : Farm track by Hugh Venables
TL5949 : Footpath to West Wickham by Bob Jones
TL5850 : Pre-Worboys crossroads sign on School Lane by David Howard
TL5753 : View to east from near Copley Hill by David Beresford
TL5848 : Harcamlow Way along the Roman Road by Hugh Venables
TL5848 : Borley wood - restoration by Simon Leatherdale
TL5850 : Houses on Balsham High Street by David Howard
TL5652 : Beech and pylons by John Sutton
TL5650 : Some sort of earthwork, maybe by Keith Edkins
TL5950 : Flint Cottage, West Wickham Road by Keith Edkins
TL5749 : The Roman Road by Anthony Parkes
TL5851 : Byway to Green End Farm by Hugh Venables
TL5649 : Byway north east of Hildersham by JThomas
TL5851 : Grange Cottages in the background by Michael Chamberlain
TL5949 : Water Tower by Keith Evans
TL5652 : Trees along Fleam Dyke by Hugh Venables
TL5748 : 3 deer sitting out a windy day by Michael Chamberlain
TL5852 : Harcamlow Way by Hugh Venables
TL5652 : Rape field by Fleam Dyke by Hugh Venables
TL5749 : Crossing The B.1052 by Keith Evans
TL5752 : Over the fields from Harcamlow Way by John Sutton
TL5848 : Two fields, no boundary by Hugh Venables
TL5850 : Prince's Memorial Bandstand by Keith Evans
TL5949 : Footpath by Keith Evans
TL5652 : Rolling farmland NW of Balsham by Keith Edkins
TL5752 : Footpath to Fleam Dyke by Hugh Venables
TL5750 : Not that old chestnut again! by Keith Edkins
TL5650 : Minor road to Balsham by Keith Edkins
TL5751 : Footpath from Balsham by Hugh Venables
TL5652 : Charterhouse Plantation by Hugh Venables
TL5749 : Wheatfield and hedge by Philip Jeffrey
TL5851 : Ploughed field and Grange Farm by John Sutton
TL5850 : Weather vane in West Wratting Road by Keith Edkins
TL5653 : Dungate Farm by Michael Chamberlain
TL5850 : Balsham Church by mym
TL5950 : Balsham water-tower by Colin Bell
TL5748 : Borley Wood at sunset by Michael Chamberlain
TL5552 : Dotterell Hall Farm by mike
TL5849 : Balsham water tower by Bob Jones
TL5751 : Rectory Farm, Balsham by Geoff Pick
TL5749 : The Via Devana or E2 crosses the B1052 by Rob Noble

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